Commenting Problems

Just so that everyone knows:

-If you leave comments to posts on this blog, you may do so anonymously, though it would be nice if you used a consistent name or handle. You do not have to submit an email address or URL.

-We’re filtering comments through MT-Blacklist, which is excellent as filters go, but not perfect. Sometimes it blocks comment submissions for the wrong reasons — i.e., a word or word fragment in your name, email address, URL or comment-text matches an entry on the blacklist. If this happens to you and you can’t solve the problem on your own, please either email me or post a note in the comment thread where you have a problem.

-I’m going to try to install the “copy this number” anti-comment-spam system here. I hope that doing so will reduce the need for the filter and for putting every spam term I can think of on the blacklist, and thereby produce fewer problems for legitimate commenters.

-I may also publish our blacklist, to make it easier for commenters whose submissions are being blocked to figure out why.

-Suggestions are welcome! Thanks.