Merry Christmas!

I wish my fellow Chicagoboyz (who thankfully haven`t had me hauled in for being AWOL yet, although they have every reason to [I`ll come in from the cold sooner or later, but not just now]) and our readers a Merry Christmas.

P.S: Don`t let the aniti-capitalist message of Charles Dickens` “A Christmas Carol” get to you.

P.P.S: I missed Thanksgiving, so consequently also didn`t wish you all a Happy Same. To make up for my oversight, I`ll paraphrase Ludwig Wittgenstein in wishing you all the very essence of turkeyness for the rest of your lifes (if and when you want it, that is – I`ll leave coercion to agents of the state).

11 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!”

  1. And the same to you, Ralf. The trouble with Dickens is that he had no understanding of economics and no admiration for work, though he was, himself, a workaholic. Bah-humbug!

  2. Also thanks to Tatyana, Helen and Dan.

    Tatyana, thank you for the link. Amusing indeed, but of course not everybody will understand the allusions.

  3. Helen, it seems that Dickens was trying to restablish forgotten Christmas traditions and he might be forgiven if the story is regarded as a first fumbling attempt to do so (it seems that my mother`s cooking has put me into a forgiving mood).

  4. I didn`t know that, thank you.

    In one his alternative history novels, Harry Turtledove has Confederate and Union soldiers play American Football during a Christmas truce during the WW I era (in this particular history/timeline, the Confederacy had won the Civil War and this was the second time both sides fought wars against each other since then), so this was a replay of the Civil War truce in more than one way.

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