Manolo on Mens’ Clothing

Manolo’s empire continues to grow. Manolo is now clothes-blogging for the mens. His original shoe blog for the super-fantastic girl, in addition being funny, demonstrated good taste as well — a little too flamboyant maybe, but Lex is not super-fantastic and cannot really say for sure. Manolo’s new blog for men actually dispenses very practical and conservative advice. If you do other than work at home in your pajamas, you may need to make a visual impression, and Manolo has sound ideas about how to do so.

4 thoughts on “Manolo on Mens’ Clothing”

  1. Men’s shoe blogging on the Chicago Boyz! Wonders never cease.

    First, I have to say the Edward Green (Which, I might add, is suspiciously similar to ‘Lexington Green’. Same person? I report, you decide.) shoes are right down my alley.

    My off the shelf alternative is the Bostonian Omaha. It’ll last about a year, and at about 80 bucks, ain’t bad.

    I’m also partial to classic wingtips, like the Bostonian Canmore. Florsheim used to make an excellent wingtip, The Lexington, which had nice tooling and wore like iron, but since they’ve added those stupid little rubber pads on the sole, which starts peeling off in about two weeks and flapping around like you’ve stepped on a piece of toilet paper, I’ve stopped buying ’em. Idiots. Do they test these products after they change them?

    On the other hand, the only person I can imagine in woven beige hat with a black band is, well, this guy…which really makes me wonder about his sanity.

  2. My best buy ever was a pair of Florsheim brown loafers. They are on their 4th set of soles. I bought a successor, which I’m wearing now, but they seem not to fit as well. I agree about the stupid rubber thing.

  3. I agree that Florsheim used to be excellent. Then I got a couple of pairs that lasted about 6 months. I bought a pair of Church’s shoes on sail for $150 in nice wing tips (normal price was about $250). I wore them for 10 years getting them soled 2 times. After 10 years the tops were still excellent and the soles were still doing well. The shoes were also extremely comfortable. I think Church’s is now out of business but they really made good shoes.

  4. Having read some more of the superfantastic one, I’m starting to find him superfunny. In that subtle, gets-under-your-skin kinda way. His shoe blog is the best part I think

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