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  1. Nice. Is this a comment on the CBS News memogate report, or Jacques Derrida, or the Washington vote-counting process? Maybe you’d better stick to prose.

  2. Btw, Jonathan, my resident ornithologist claims that’s a black vulture.

    SDB – But the widdle vulture is soooo cute. The dead mammal (whatever it is) was cute once too. Use your imagination.

  3. Axel, by not sticking to prose it can be “about” all those things. Think about it.

    BTW, the new photos on the photoblog are excellent. Very much worth a visit. I like the virtual stroll down 8th St. I bet I could get a good medianoche sandwich there.

  4. -I use the term “cute” facetiously.

    -Buzzards interest me. I’ve posted plenty of photos of them in flight. However, they are difficult to approach. Here I was lucky to photograph a group of them eating and thought I would share some of the pics. Some people like the results, some don’t. In this regard it’s a bit like posting photos of naked women, except that a lot of bloggers already post photos of women while few post photos of buzzards.

    -I am not implying anything political. Sometimes a buzzard is just a buzzard.

    -The dog or fox was already dead and I don’t think its relatives read this blog. If it wasn’t for the birds it would have stunk up the beach for weeks. As it was, the birds disposed of it in a couple of hours. I think it’s kind of neat how that happens.

    -Moira is correct about the species of buzzard/vulture. There’s more on the birds here. A related species that is even more common in these parts is described here.

  5. Buzzards, nekkid women, same diff, each to his own.

    Seriously, those are nice pics. I, too, have always been fascinated and impressed by how quickly scavengers can neatly dispose of carcasses. (Ants. Ants can be amazing to watch in action.)

  6. Some would look at the picture and say the dog is half empty. Others would look at the picture and say the dog is half full.

    I look at it and say the buzzard is half full. I guess that makes me an optimist.

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