WBEZ: Chicago-area firms looking to veterans to help with NATO, G-8 security

Some private security firms around Chicago are looking to beef up their ranks with Iraq and Afghanistan war vets ahead of two world summits that are expected to bring multitudes of protesters to the city this spring.

The article states that the security firms are interested in hiring veterans because they are likely to show “better restraint” if the protests turn violent. Interesting.

And I really hope any protests don’t turn violent.

Update: Thanks to Carl Prine’s Line of Departure for highlighting the above article/ad and mentioning this blog-within-a-blog. Second City Cop has a post on the topic and lots on the upcoming summit, too. Just keep scrolling.

3 thoughts on “WBEZ: Chicago-area firms looking to veterans to help with NATO, G-8 security”

  1. I’m going to strongly suggest to my boss that we work from our repsective homes on Monday the 21st. Question: in the past, have the anarchists and usual malcontents confine their looting to the days of the events, or do they get an early start/run late?

    I expect this to be a giant mess that’ll come back to bite Rahm Emmanuel in the buttocks.

  2. @ Percy Dovetonsils – That seems to be the general sentiment of a lot of people.

    @ elf – Yeah. I was thinking along the same lines….

    – Madhu

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