Hunter, Princess, Bear (politically incorrect rock, paper, scissors)

Fascinating dynamics, my kids have just invented their own rock, paper scissors variant called hunter, princess, bear. Bear kills the princess (it eats her), hunter kills the bear (he shoots it), and princess kills the hunter (he has pity on her and she back-stabs him). The image of the manipulative, back-stabbing princess comes from one of my girls, actually.

6 thoughts on “Hunter, Princess, Bear (politically incorrect rock, paper, scissors)”

  1. They knew it. They just think this version is better. I think that the idea of the manly, brave, sucker of a hunter is delightfully subversive to the narrative.

  2. You need to get them Skyrim. I have been perhaps been playing it a bit too much but the Hunter, Bear and Princess are all there. The sneak possibilities are substantial and my latest character gets a lot of sneak kills. Very many women play it too and the ability to customize your character gives you a Princess easily. The Hunters are a kinda low level in the game and are a side show really.

    My favorite of five characters, my Dark Elf, The Beast of Riften

    Archmage, Leader of the Companions, Leader of the Nightingales, Defeater of Alduin, Friend of Sovngarde and Paldin of Nocturnal. Oh and he is a werewolf too:

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