6 thoughts on “Today is <em>Victims of Communism Day</em>”

  1. Next year, we all need to wear black ribbons. We should also name (rename) it Victims of the Left Day. That way we also remember the victims of Fascists and NAZIs.

  2. Think of the crowd of people who could celebrate that , if they could.

    I took a trip on the Volga Waterway – a series of 9 (I think) locks on the Volga River between Moscow & St Petersburg. Peter the Great started it but Stalin finished it. 160,000 political prisoners died finishing it under Stalin.

    It was said for years after that (in the 1930s) bones would wash up on the shore.

  3. Started reading the comments to an article at Volockh about this topic, but couldn’t wade through all the resident progs who came out in force to ridicule the idea that communism was so bad, or to try to change the subject by blathering about all the terrible things the west did.

    I’ve heard it all so many times before. If you try to say something positive about this country, or critical of our various adversaries, the usual apologists and antis come out of the woodwork like roaches to argue that it’s wrong to ever say anything good about the US.

    I think the most tiresome part of it is that progs always thing they’re so clever and edgy, when, really, all they are is boring and tedious.

  4. @veryretured – unless you were steeped in HP3000 (computer) lore you don’t know Eugene Volockh in another interesting role he had – at the ripe age of 16. He was an HP3000 guru – to the point of selling some 3rd party software – all at `16.

    If I remember the story he and his family came from the USSR – if anyone would know first hand about the effects of Communism, it would be Eugene…

  5. I agree Bill. Some of the commenters are apologists and fellow travellers, but EV and the other members have no sympathy for collectivism in any form that I’ve seen.

    The postings are interesting, and some of the discussion can be also, but the resident progs are so predictable, and banal, that they sometimes wear me out.

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