Army Reserve Components Boost Enlistment Age Limit

“The Army Reserve and the Army National Guard have raised the age limit for recruits from 34 to 39, Defense Department officials said.”

Further details here.

If the war starts to go really, really bad and they raise it to 42, I’m in. My wife will kill me. But I will.

(Any of our readers who join under this new program, and who get sent to Iraq, and can get Internet access, can post on ChicagoBoyz as our Iraq correspondent.)

11 thoughts on “Army Reserve Components Boost Enlistment Age Limit”

  1. You can get a civilian job and volenteer for deployment. Age restrictions go out the window.

    I’m on a list to deploy to Kuwait over the winter, but I doubt there’s anything worth corresponding on (and have no idea about the internet access).

  2. DOD, my department is part of the Army. I work for the Humvee support, maintenance, and improvement team. Mostly I do research and answer questions from the field.

    In Kuwait I think I’ll mostly be doing parts triage.

    I couldn’t get into my e-mail, where I get sent a link to job listing pretty much every week. But there are jobs all over the DoD. If you have language skills the DIA looks interesting.

    Once you’re in I think that if you request any deployment you’re qualified for, you’ll get it. They’ll put you where ever they can use you (you get to pick the region). Deployments are 4 and 6 months, lot’s of overtime hours. Usually people extend their deployments beyond the original period.

    This site has lot’s of resources.

  3. “(Any of our readers who join under this new program, and who get sent to Iraq, and can get Internet access, can post on ChicagoBoyz as our Iraq correspondent.)”

    So Lex Green is only wanting those of 34 to 39 of age who go into it as correspondents? Or is he simply including that group? *is confused*

  4. You know, I wouldn’t be surprised if you could get a waiver to join up at 42. No kidding. If you (or anyone else) are seriously interested, let me know what branch of service you are interested in joining and I will ask for you. I started out active duty with the U.S. Marine Corps in 1997, and even though the age limit was 32 at that time we had at least one recruit who was 36. He was in excellent physical condition and got a waiver: and this was well before 9/11 and OIF. I guess my point is that if you have skills the military needs and if you are up to the job at hand, the military will find a way to take you – especially nowadays. Thanks for reading // Jason

  5. Having prior National Guard service for 6 years really should qualify us for non-combat service duty, freeing up the younger pups to be deployed. With the current shortage of recruits, it would seem prudent to open the flood gates to prior service people. For example, I was in a maintenace battalion with a 76P20 and 76S20 mos. Supply & inventory control. I conducted on-going classroom instruction as a part of my duties. I can’t see how a 56 yr. old teacher is too old? The problem lies within the fact that they need to create a separation of combat from non combat staff. It would be similar to a civilian role with the added benefit of hiring prior service individuals who are familiar with military protocol. I kinda miss my M16A-1, lol.

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