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Lamb Q[uestions] & Richard Baker, U.S. Senate Historian, A[nswers]. He will discuss the role of the Senate Historical Office. On C-Span 1, this interview airs 8:00 and 11:00 Sunday.

After Words (Sun @ 6 & 10) will be an interview of Patricia O’Toole by Tom Daschle, former Senate Minority Leader. Patricia O’Toole, familiar to C-Span viewers from discussions of her earlier books, Money and Morals in America: A History and The Five of Hearts: An Intimate Portrait of Henry Adams and His Friends, discusses her When Trumpets Call: Theodore Roosevelt after the White House. It’s an examination of Roosevelt’s years after he left the presidency at the age of fifty. She describes the former President as spending the rest of his life in search of a public role to satisfy his needs for power and action. At midnight on Saturday, last week’s interview of Zell Miller by John Anderson will be rerun.

Book-Tv will devote both Saturday and Sunday to the Printers Row Book Fair 2005 from Chicago. Noon on Saturday will focus on Richard Posner, author of Preventing Surprise Attacks: Intelligence Reform in the Wake of 9/11 and Geoffrey Stone, author of Perilous Times: Free Speech in Wartime From the Sedition Act of 1798 to the War on Terrorism.

On Sunday at 5:00 pm, Anne Marie Oliver and Paul Steinberg will discuss
The Road to Martyrs’ Square: A Journey Into the World of the Suicide Bomber
; they wll discuss

the political and psychological environment that produces suicide bombers in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. During their remarks, the authors show video clips of suicide bombers discussing their motives and psychologically training for their missions. The talk was hosted by the Carnegie Council in New York City. Includes Q&A.

At 9:00 am Sunday. Michael Cannon (a Presbyterian minister) discusses Abu Ghraib: Reflections in the Looking Glass. Cannon, a

former brigade chaplain for the 800th MP Brigade in Iraq, talks about the people involved in the Abu Ghraib prison scandal and the media coverage the scandal has received. Mr. Cannon argues that what happened at Abu Ghraib is a reflection of the decline in ethics within American society as a whole. He says that the media has presented a very narrow picture of what happened at the prison and has thus effectively mislead the public into thinking that the problem lies within the military or with President Bush. Mr. Cannon also talks about the recent decision in the Lyndie England trial and the overall war in Iraq. The talk was hosted by the Boiling Springs First Baptist Church in South Carolina. Includes Q&A.