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Well, it looks like Mark Shea’s had enough of me again and instituted another ban, sad. While he’s an able Catholic and quite often admirably proclaims the faith, he has political positions that cause him to occasionally go off the deep end. The most recent ban was his mocking of Romney for his Mexican pander by using tan in a can. Except when it emerged that Romney actually didn’t do it, Shea kept on after Romney because of his well established pander reputation. And that’s exactly the moment that Shea stopped being a Catholic apologist and transmogrified (temporarily) into disgusted, grumpy, political hack. I was banned fairly shortly afterwards.
But Shea does post interesting articles, even when he’s wrong, such as this discourse on the consequences of lying to get Bin Laden. Shea, unfortunately, is so upset with the CIA that he doesn’t notice that there wasn’t any direct lie involved. He also missed that the vaccination of North Waziristan is not being held hostage for honest administrators of vaccine but instead is held hostage for a cessation of drone attacks. Here’s the comment I’m currently unable to post.

There is a problem with the article. There are several lies operating here. The first is that the CIA operation was a sham vaccination. As I understand it, the vaccine was real enough. The procedure was irregular and tailored to the needs of the CIA but anybody getting stuck actually got vaccinated for polio. I believe that if you teach the administering xanaxonlinebuy nurse to pull back so that you get blood back flow into your sharp at the end of the administration and also dispose the sharps so that they are traceable back to the administering location, you have not lied. It’s the protocol of the program, period.
I would be interested in hearing how to conduct a blind clinical trial without lying under any definition of lying that would call the actual facts of the CIA program lying. I think you’d have a tough time doing science under that sort of a definition and since the Catholic Church is not anti-science, I suspect that the definition in use would be over-broad.
The second lie is that the Taliban are stopping vaccination due to to this CIA program. The vaccination would proceed if drone attacks ceased regardless of whether the CIA were to get information via the vaccination program. If you fear DNA samples being taken, keep the sharps and gloves and destroy them yourselves. The reality is that the Taliban are using the health of children as a propaganda weapon to strike at the US government and to the detriment of the lives of the children of North Waziristan.

Update: Forwarded a link to a related article to him mentioning that he’d banned me. He claims it was an accident. I neither know, nor particularly care how it happened. For whatever reason, it seems to have been undone and that’s the end of it.

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  1. I don’t know the context of the comment about vaccination but the polio immunization program in India has failed to get Muslims in Utter Pradesh to agree to immunization of children. Muslim mothers have been told for years, not just recently, that immunization causes sterility and is part of a Hindu campaign of genocide against Muslims. Utter Pradesh is the last reservoir of polio in the world. It has been for years. Most of the world is polio free.

  2. “Would they also object to oral polio vaccine?”

    I would think that is the preferred method so they probably don’t permit it either. Polio passes in a fecal oral manner and the Sabin (oral) vaccine is live. I think the vaccine virus would pass from person to person and the immunity would spread but I’m not sure that’s true.

  3. The Sabin vaccine is live. It can remain so in fecal matter, and has been known, {or so I read} to cause polio in at least one un-vaccinated{I assume} father from changing his child’s diaper.
    If you go back in history a little further, the Viet Cong were reported to have hacked off the arms of children in some village(s?) that had just been vaccinated. I don’t know if Al-qeda does that. I wouldn’t be surprised if it occurred in Africa also. Some war lords want to be war Lords…

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