4 thoughts on “Amazing”

  1. It’s almost too good. I went from looking at my old house (Northern Virginia) to my new house (Louisville, KY), and the flyover effect gave me a little bit of vertigo.

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  3. Google keeps moving up by leaps and bounds in my book.

    1. Search engine. Initial thoughts: how good can it be. After use: not bad, came up with some good results.

    2. Gmail. Initial thoughts: another email client, whoopee. After use: not bad at all.

    3. Picasa. Initial thoughts: can’t be better than any other photo software. After Jonathan finally got me to use it: wow, better than all photo software.

    4. Picasa with Gmail. Initial thoughts: How good can it be? After use: Ok, using full time now.

    5. Google News. Initial thoughts: Drudge is better. After use: use every day now.

    6. Google Earth. Initial thoughts: hmmm, maybe I should give this a serious look. After use: woa, exceed all expectations.

    Guess I’m finally learning.

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