Diversions – A&L, Chicagoboyz

Chris Muir update & move to the top of the blogging humor: additional strip available at Powerline, which also helpfully explicates it. (Muir’s allusions depend upon an audience’s knowlede; Muir may think we all read Doonesbury but many of us stopped reading it years ago; lately, I’ve found he quite nicely meets my daily cartoon need).

Harry Hutton claims he smells like a badger; his excuse is that “the fucking country’s broken.”

If Hutton has Caracas, BlameBush has mad cows. Surely, surely, we can see that questions must be asked:

Did a young George Bush infect cattle with Mad Cow disease to drive progressives insane with talking toasters? Or was it a clever plan to line the pockets of his Big Nicaraguan Meat Buddies and get back at Nolan Ryan for trying to kill his Pa? There seem to be more questions than answers. But the questions alone are enough to put Bush behind bars for the rest of his life.

(Kerry’s editorial also is given some attention.)

Speaking of news from the left, Scrappleface has a hot item – Ted Kennedy’s press release on Bush’s choice for the Supreme Court.

Beautiful Atrocities has suggestions for ABC’s reality shows The neighborhood ABC chose for “eye-opening, prejudice-challenging” was Austin. This must have shot to hell Austin’s picture of itself.

Manalo, on both his men & women sites, analyzes low riders.

Leno & Letterman spend far too much time discussing the weather–I thought the purpose of summer diversions was to distract us from just such thoughts.