Diplomacy at the G8

Perhaps this is unfair, but what head of state, talking to two other heads of state & with a reporter present, expects privacy?

They represent countries Congress fears Bolton would offend?

By the way, my brother-in-law was invited by Russians to discuss no-till at a huge conference last year. I don’t know much about experimental agriculture nor what the English do, but I would bet (and bet heavily) on the Anglosphere on that one. Our grapes grafted to their grapes forever–that hearty American stock may taint but it survives. A note on current French problems.

Thanks to Kerfuffles’ “Three Stooges Do Europe.” Via Reasoned Audacity, who is covering the G8 & linked by Instapundit. Kerfuffles links to Telegraph.

(My husband, no Francophile, contends I’m losing my sense of humor. He may have a point. Before 9/11 this would have seemed funny; maybe I need to lighten up. Still complaints of Bush’s anglospheric unilateralism get old.)