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Issues discussed on this blog are likely to arise in After Words which features
Ralph Peters
. He discusses his book New Glory: Expanding America’s Global Supremacy. Peters,”a retired military officer, argues for a realignment of U.S. engagements abroad and reforming its military and diplomatic corps in his critique of national strategy.” He is interviewed by Anatol Lieven, journalist & Senior Research Fellow at the New America Foundation, and author of “America Right or Wrong: An Anatomy of American Nationalism.” This will be Sunday at 6 and again at 9.

And also rerun is the 3 hour “In-Depth” interview with Robert Kaplan (at noon on Sunday). Noon on Saturday will be another rerun from the “In-Depth” series. (Follow the links – they went down as I was putting this up.)

Lamb Q[uestions] Seeno Merobshoev (Production Assistant, C-SPAN) and Moses Reddy (Computer Specialist, C-SPAN) [A]nswer. “An interview with two C-SPAN employees who have emigrated to America from Tajikistan & India.”

Last week’s After Words, an interview of Harvey Kaye, whose Thomas Paine and the Promise of America deals with one of the great radicals of the American revolution, is interviewed by Michael Novak at midnght on Saturday.

The links are down now (late Friday), so here is C-span’s quickie summary:
Encore Booknotes with Zachary Karabell on Harry Truman’s 1948 victory;
David Dalin’s “The Myth of Hitler’s Pope”;
Dave Eggers on the teaching profession;
William Black on S&L industry;
Laurence Leamer on Arnold Schwarzenegger;
Jack Welch’s “Winning” &
Jack Bass on Fmr. Sen. Strom Thurmond.

Have a good weekend.