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  • So you think your politics is bad

    Posted by Helen on February 15th, 2013 (All posts by )

    You guys should come to Britain. Then you would know what bad and stupid politics was. Have you heard of the doctor who was on the list of the Conservative (please note) parliamentary candidates but was suspended because she retweeted a picture of Hitler with a quotation of his in which he explained that the Nazi party was a socialist party? No? Well, here we are. Enjoy.


    8 Responses to “So you think your politics is bad”

    1. Mike K Says:

      I’m reading Conrad Black’s story of his encounter with US, British and Canadian legal systems. He was also fiercely attacked by the Murdoch media in London but, of course, they were rivals. His harshest words are reserved for the US legal and regulatory (Sarbox) systems. The story is simply amazing but his other works are excellent and historically accurate. Boris Johnson, an acquaintance of his, figures in the story.

      Not even politics can be worse than what he went through.

    2. Jonathan Says:

      This is nothing like as shocking as the fact that Marco Rubio drank water while giving a speech. Now that is shocking, though as in your Frosh case none of the people who are shocked can explain why.

    3. David Foster Says:

      Joseph Goebbels, writing in 1932 (when the Nazis were not yet in power) explains the three tenets of National Socialism very clearly, here.

    4. David Foster Says:

      Correction: the Goebbels statement was originally written in 1929; the 1932 reference was to a later version of the pamphlet in which it appeared.

    5. ErisGuy Says:

      Doctor mistakes labels for reality. Not a good trait in a doctor. Apparently the doc missed the Newsweek cover “We Are All Socialists Now,” and it isn’t acceptable to insult even that quasi-heretic of socialism, Mr. Hilter.

    6. A6 Says:

      Wait a tick.

      I bow to no man in my hatred for National Socialism. But:

      Am I to understand that you think the National Socialist German Workers Party was *not* a socialist party?

      Perhaps I misunderstand you, but you seem to suggest the doctor thought the Nazi party was a *good* party. That is implausible.

      Over on this side of the pond, and a fortiori in the Chicago Boyz blog, we don’t use “socialist” as a synonym for “good”. Likely your doctor friend didn’t either.

      When Hitler confessed his party was socialist, he gave away much of the game.

      Not all of the game, of course: not (in that remark) the prison camps and Judenhaas and mass murders and so on. Not every socialist system has those features.

    7. Mike K Says:

      Not every socialist system has “Judenhaas” but the history of socialist systems has always revealed a trend to authoritarian behavior as the proletariat resists the wishes of their masters.

      Adam Smith understood human nature better than Karl Marx.

    8. VSSC Says:

      Speaking of bad socialist politics and resistance…

      Awhile ago here someone who claimed to be a voter observer Nov 2012 election observed the Meso-American diaspora reached to unlikely places as the Balkans, the Middle East, and Vietnam..

      Now. That Blue needs to get the vote out and will do whatever it takes is a given, but the mechanism is interesting.

      I ask your indulgence to mate metaphors..

      For this is a peculiar mold to be growing on this dish..with the possible exception of the Balkans…if there were mold at all, it should be Red and not Blue mold.

      For all of those places we have had conflict.

      So what is happening?

      If one were to think of purloined votes as gems..not rare but valuable..why conflict gems…our conflicts..?

      The pentagon is not a natural Blue voting machine.

      It’s not core to the question of our politics..but it’s most interesting as to WHY is THAT mold growing on THOSE dishes?

      How is this happening…the mechanics? things out of place being pursued can lead to the most fascinating and useful discoveries.