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  1. Every good boy deserves a little brown fox that eats his head off.

    Yep. Tested with all the letters from my bowl of Alphabits and it works.

    Alphabits are far more interesting than the metrosexual kind, BTW…

  2. I have noticed it isn’t interactive – that is, you correct your mistakes on the original before hitting send – and the mirror still shows the original – but still a welcomed addition. I have looked at the mirror – somehow my typos stand out better there than the original – corrected them…

  3. Jonathan – it wasn’t a critique – more of an observation – I am using Firefox – I had just posted to a thread – for some reason seeing it “as it will be” seems (for me) to bring out the typos – I corrected the errors (that I could see!!! ;-) ) – cut it – refreshed the screen – pasted it to new comments and all looked good.

    Now I just put an “r” into “more” and noticed it interactively changing – so perhaps in Emily Lotilla’s famous line, “Never Mind

  4. OK Jonathan – here is what it isn’t doing – now mind up this isn’t a critique – just an observation – all of you running CB do it because you want to – so I for one am glad that you do it.

    But, if you see a spelling error (red lined as the software detects a spelling error) – you right click to fix the error – the new mirror does not show that change. But I can say that it is helping me – look at the results and seeing the typos more readily , no matter what “Assistant Village Idiot” may say ;-)

  5. Thanks for the report. I’m guessing that this is a browser issue as I don’t see it in Chrome. I’m going to leave the setup alone since even imperfect it’s a significant improvement over not having a preview.

    Note that if you’re running a script blocker, as I am in Firefox, the preview may not appear.

  6. The company where I work part time is writing a big Net-based application that , of course, depends on browsers. And the differences between IE, Chrome and Firefox are driving the programmer nuts.

    But even imperfect as it is on my Firefox it is a huge help as I can see how how it will appear vs as it appeared.

    And to get around the difference all I have to is is cut, refresh screen, paste and it shows as it should.

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