The Apple II of 3 D Printing?

It may be 1977 all over again.

Check out the Form 1 Kickstarter page 

The Formlabs home page and their blog.

I recently reviewed Chris Anderson’s book Makers. What 3 D printing needs is the affordable, user-friendly, versatile device to move 3 D printing from the arcane realm of  techno-hobbyist geeks to the general population’s “early adapters”, which will put the next “consumer model” generation on everyone’s office desk; eventually as ubiquitous as cell phones or microwaves.

Formlabs should send one of these to John Robb and Shloky for a product review.

Hat tip to Feral Jundi

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1 thought on “The Apple II of 3 D Printing?”

  1. More like the Imsai 8080. This revolution will happen, but how it evolves is unforeseeable and will be interesting. To do real things will require far more sophisticated machines that will probably be very expensive for a long time. Remember Zapmail? In this case, I suspect the cost will allow service providers to stay in business longer than 2 years.

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