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  • Congratulations Lex and Mrs. Lex!

    Posted by In-Cog-Nito on September 30th, 2005 (All posts by )

    “Little Lex” born today, 8 lbs. 3 oz. 21 in.

    Hearty congrats to the proud Mom and Dad. May “Little Lex” grow up healthy, strong, and smart. Go get’em Tiger.


    13 Responses to “Congratulations Lex and Mrs. Lex!”

    1. Jonathan Says:

      Excellent. Congrats!

    2. Isaac Schrödinger Says:

      A Chicago Boy Enters the World

      Congratulations to the Lex family.

    3. Robert Schwartz Says:

      Mazel Tov

    4. Shannon Love Says:


    5. Ginny Says:

      Congratulations – hope Mrs. Lex is doing well.
      Such a good big boy; perhaps he will sleep through the night.

    6. Lex Says:

      Thanks to all.

      He is a bruiser.

      He and Mom are doing well.

    7. Carl Hollywood Says:


    8. Ralf Goergens Says:

      Excellent news! Congratulations!

    9. TM Lutas Says:

      All the best, and may you soon get your next uninterrupted night’s sleep! Be of good cheer, they do eventually settle down and sleep through the night.

    10. Lex Says:

      Thanks, TML. I’ve got a bunch of ’em already, so I know the drill! All will be well, and all will be tired!

    11. Sulaiman Says:


    12. Andy B Says:

      Congrats Lex. Another future U of C intellectual fullback.

    13. Lex Says:

      Sulaiman and Andy — thanks.

      And I hope both of you will grace us with some posts on the blog again … .