Don’t get “Domed”

From “Wading Toward Home” by Michael Lewis, a New Orleans native.

New Orleans now had a new word for what happens to people unlucky enough to fall into the hands of the authorities purporting to save them: domed. As in “I just got domed,” or “If the police knock on your door, don’t answer, ’cause you might get domed.” To be domed is to be herded into a domed sports building – the Superdome, the Astrodome, the Maravich basketball arena at Louisiana State University – for your own safety.

Perhaps we should spread this concept around. A person can get Domed in a lot of ways. For example, the government could try to save you from ruining your life with drugs by sending you to prison for a few years, or they can Dome you financially by taxing you at 15% all your working life to pay for a minimalist retirement that might never materialize.

Take care of yourself. Don’t get Domed.

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