Andrew Sullivan got hacked

At least the hacker is just doing it just for the prestige, and not financial gain:

Be warned, some hackers will use your website for an illegal P2P file swapping operation, leaving you to face thousands of Dollars worth of bandwidth fees, and possibly some very unhappy lawyers from the music industry.

So don’t tell anyone your passwords, use a combination of letters and numbers at least 12 characters long and not an actual word, keep your system patched, and update your anti-virus software at least once a day (Kaspersky offers updates every three hours, for example).

Also don’t forget that Real Player, Winamp, Adobe Reader etc, etc also have to be updated regularily, for hackers constantly come up with new exploits that could let them gain control over your computer.

Update: Sullivan’s site is back to normal again.

5 thoughts on “Andrew Sullivan got hacked”

  1. “Sullivan’s site is back to normal again.”

    Oh good, now he can go back to obsessing about his male organ and gay marriage.

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