America 3.0: “Future’s so bright we have to wear shades”

Glenn Reynolds, in addition to writing a foreword for the book, has a column in USA Today about America 3.0, the soon-to-be-published book by Jim Bennett and myself.

The book’s authors, James Bennett and Michael Lotus, argue that things seem rough because we’re in a period of transition, like those after the Civil War and during the New Deal era. Such transitions are necessarily bumpy, but once they’re navigated the country comes back stronger than ever.
But as Bennett and Lotus note, the problems of America 2.0 are all soluble, and, in what they call America 3.0, they will be solved. The solutions will be as different from America 2.0 as America 2.0 was from America 1.0. We’ll see a focus on smaller government, nimbler organization, and living within our means — because, frankly, we’ll have no choice. Something that can’t go on forever, won’t. If America 2.0 was a fit for the world of giant steel mills and monolithic corporations, America 3.0 will be fit for the world of consumer choice and Internet speed.

Yes, correct!

Do read the whole thing, please!

Prof. Reynolds was also kind enough to link to his article on Instapundit, including a link to the Amazon page.

You can pre-order either the hardcover or the electronic version.

4 thoughts on “America 3.0: “Future’s so bright we have to wear shades””

  1. Recognizing the current problems is more than half the battle. Now if enough can just be like-minded

  2. Congratulations – sounds like you are out to widen our horizons and buck us up. Long term reality checks make the present seem less like dip than process.

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