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Richard Fernandez:

The big risk the liberal establishment took in advancing Obama for President was not in proposing a black candidate, but in nominating an incompetent one. That ensured that when the recriminations came it would be about race.
A successful Obama presidency would have been a breakthrough for race relations that would have lasted decades. Conversely, a catastrophic Obama presidency would set things back for generations.
The unspoken takeaway for many would be “never an African-American again”. But that is the wrong lesson. The right lesson, I think should be “never an incompetent again”.
Things might not have been much better, and arguably they would have been worse, under Hillary Clinton. The kind of disaster that is unfolding is across the board. Foreign policy catastrophe, economic mismanagement, chaos in governance, botched programs — they’re just piling up. So in the face that avalanche of woes, Obama will do the easiest thing: make it about race.
But it is really not about race. Race in this case was cosmetic. It was the mask the liberal establishment donned to rejuvenate their tired old agenda. And now that it’s failing comprehensively they’ll blame the mask.
It may seem counterintuitive, but the ones with the most to gain by racializing Obama are faceless backroom boys. They know he’s done for so they’re going to pin the disaster on the black guy, not upon the guys who selected the incompetent who happened to black. They’ll put their political mistakes in the coffin with Obama’s career. Pin it on him and push Hillary 2016.

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  1. Obama was a hard core leftist and Islamist endeavor, not a ‘your grandma’s liberal’ type endeavor.

    Even Alan Dershowitz was duped.

  2. It may not have been an error. Whether the Hildabeast or Barry, the progressive agenda leads to same results. By choosing the black guy, they get a mulligan (“He was undermined by racism”) so “We need to redouble our efforts” to use government power (legal, indoctrination, regulation, taxation, redistribution, etc.) as well as “build on our [limited] successes” in achieving socialist justice and dependency by following him with the “smartest woman in the world.” Heck, the mistake might have been if they had allowed the Hildabeast to have led first. No one was going to believe she could have been Trayvon 35 years ago. Then again, the rationale for the similar trail of national disasters and scandals would have been sexism and the “war on women”. If they really want to hold the progressive coalition together as we ride it over the falls, they can follow the Hildabeast with Oprah.


  3. Obama is competent in the only thing he knows (and it isn’t law). He has done pretty well at community organizing. Bill Clinton is very bright in a way that Obama is also but Clinton took advice from competent people. Obama has a small clique who advise him and it is all politics all the time. Clinton once said he’s like to be reborn as the bond market. Obama is probably vague on just what the bond market is.

  4. Richard Fernandez and Theodore Dalrymple are consistently among the most deeply insightful people I’ve encountered on the web.

    “Wheels within wheels.” is a reference to Frank Herbert’s Dune, which is a fictitious, brilliant story about various power factions in a future human civilization playing very long term, very deep games for control. It was one of the cliche’s people involved used to remind each other that whatever they knew, or thought they knew, there were machinations even deeper that you didn’t know about and didn’t understand.

  5. “He was undermined by racism”

    It’s interesting that this was the first card out of the deck by the Leftist media and has been played as the trump regularly since then. Like it was on the initial sheet of talking and rebuttal points issued to “journalists” by the Democratic party. I’d bet it’s been used as a discussion point in social studies classes in government schools as well.

    It’s disheartening just how much the USA is beginning to resemble the USSR.

  6. @Michael Hiteshew: You provided an excellent for its succinctness synopsis of Dune. But Herbert took the phrase about wheels from, u guessed it, the Bible. Namely Ezekiel 1:15ff. I wonder what Herbert had in mind choosing the well-known metaphor which people use to talk about stuff going on that they don’t really know about. But in Ez it both makes a statement and points to a foreshadowing, declaring that the God whose revelation the prophet Ezekiel writes is not bound to one nation but intends to include all nations (an inclusion that comes to fullness some 6 centuries after Ezekiel).

  7. I spend no time at all on left wing sites. That you cite a very right wing site and commenter as some kind of indication of fact is revealing.

    Does this kind of comment give you hope? Reinforce your faith? Or what?

  8. “I spend no time at all on left wing sites.”

    You don’t have to they are in your head. Why do you come here ? You don’t offer information, just your opinion which is no better than anyone else’s.

  9. “PenGun Says:
    July 20th, 2013 at 2:55 pm

    I spend no time at all on left wing sites.


    IMO. you don’t have to, you’re force fed leftism from the day your born via the establishment. Almost everything you see or hear is from a left perspective.

    Conservatives have to search for reinforcement.

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