FIGHTER RANGE MAP — Paul Kennedy’s “Engineers of Victory”

FIGHTER RANGE MAP -- Paul Kennedy's "Engineers of Victory"

FIGHTER RANGE MAP — Paul Kennedy’s “Engineers of Victory”

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  1. The Merlin Mustang demonstrated such significant performance advantages
    over both the P-38/P-47 – & the Me 109/FW 190, which gave it the gig as
    the number one choice as 8th AF escort/air superiority fighter.

    P-51 aerodynamic efficiency with R-R Merlin power & economy at altitude
    proved they were unbeatable for the purpose.

    The Mustang was capable of a high speed cruise of ~100mph faster than the
    thirsty R-2800 radial powered & bulky/draggy P-47.

    In combat the Mustang demonstrated that it was able to take the fight to
    the German fighters, they could not dive away & evade – to escape as they could from the P-38, with its poor high Mach speed performance.

    The much more expensive to purchase & operate P-38/P-47 were relegated
    to lesser roles/theatres of operation – by the performance of the Mustang.

    & the British wanted all the Mustangs they could get.. ..but they did
    not want P-38s at all & felt the P-47 was fit only for use against the
    lesser forces of Nippon.

    The P-51 & P-47 did get serial improvements, such as the British developed
    clear view bubble canopy,(& a total redesign for the P-51H) while the P-38 did not, being regarded by the USAAF ( see the Air Materiel Command test findings) as pretty much past its best-by-date, even if good enough for use in the PTO, where its high speed deficiencies were not so glaring.

    ‘Big Week’ combat efficacy clearly showed the superiority of the Merlin
    Mustang, & from then on, the ‘Glamour’ 8th AF gazumped the P-51 for
    their purposes, handing down their unwanted Thunderbolts & Lightnings
    to the 9th AF tactical command in return.

    The whole deal was predicated on efficacy, & the results proved it was the correct decision..

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