An Offer to Our Readers in China

Following Stephen Gordon, this blog makes the following offer:

If you are a Chinese user of Google who has received notice that your search has been censored, let us know. We will search Google from the United States and post the results here.

Feel free to contact us at the support email address located under the search box in the upper right corner of this page, or in the comment section of this post.

(We reserve the right not to search for porn or other topics that we think are out of character with the spirit of this offer.)

13 thoughts on “An Offer to Our Readers in China”

  1. (1) not censoring “core political speech”, as the 1st Amendment case law puts it, and (2) exercising our property rights to allow the use of our own blog in whatever way we deem fit. Other people’s free speech rights are not unlimited on this space, a point we have made repeatedly in the past.

  2. Umm, won’t it just result in Chicago Boyz being one of the blocked sites? Banned in Beijing!

    The Chinese people have been busy finding ways around the Great Firewall. One of the easiest, apparently, is by using a Mac, at least according to Samizdata.

    There is a lot of programming talent in China, and not all of it works for the government. Don’t count on the firewall lasting.

  3. Mitch: Maybe. I don’t know. It would be kind of neat to be actually blacklisted somewhere, though I suspect we aren’t important enough.

    Lex: Don’t let it happen again. Humor is no laughing matter.

  4. Lex,

    Dude? Is dry humor a generation-x thing? I’m in my 50s. Hardly a ‘dude’.

    You were quite lawyerly and, taking me seriously as you did, understandably so. No insult or slur intended but let me ask, without humor, what are the “other topics that [you] think are out of character with the spirit of this offer”?

  5. “…other topics that [you] think are out of character with the spirit of this offer?”

    I don’t know. Jonathan put that. But it is like a lawyer saying “including but not limited to” — it means we here at the Boyz reserve the right to act in our own unfettered discretion on our own blog. I suppose something very vulgar or offensive to us or our readers, as we see it.

    The “dude” thing is a running gag around here, btw.

  6. All I meant was, I prefer to focus my limited resources on matters related to restricted political speech.

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