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  • If and When

    Posted by Sgt. Mom on February 17th, 2014 (All posts by )

    I see from a couple of different websites that there was another episode of the ‘knock out’ game in the last few days; this one involved a white disabled military vet on public transportation in the city of Cleveland, attacked and beaten in public by a group of black teenagers. There have been so many of these incidents reported in the last two years or so – usually appearing briefly on the surface of the mainstream news metro section like a bubble, popping and vanishing. Very often the color of the perpetrators is not even noted in the ‘official’ statements, but so cynical are we consumers of news becoming that we know that this means the perpetrators are of color, just as we know that when the political party of a miscreant in the news is not mentioned, (or mentioned very far down in the story) that the miscreant is a Democrat. These stories are, in the parlance those who track pop music hits, bubbling under. Not in the top forty – or in a manner of speaking – at the top of national news. But they happen, and appear to be happening quite frequently; the incidents appear to be covered in local news, and then the news cycle moves on. Until it happens again, in another urban area … but it would be not the done thing for any major national news outlet, politician or public intellectual to note a larger pattern. Nope, don’t want to be called a racist, so the note – if any – is quietly made at a local level, (or in certain English dailies) and we all move on, although the dead victims of these exercises certainly can’t move on. Their kin and loved ones, and those who are merely injured or traumatized must have to make considerable of an effort to do so, though.

    Upon the first election of Barack Obama as President in 2008, I cheered myself up with the thought that well, maybe now that we had elected a person of some color, that the ultimate racial barrier was broken and could we now move on from the assumption that the US is the most raaaaacist nation ever? There had to be some good come of this; that the African-American-Black-persons-of-color demographic makes up only about 12-13 percent, and it must be significant that more than just that 12-13 percent voted for him, after all. Alas, even this forlorn hope has been crushed, and I honestly have to say that race relations have worsened in practically every way in the last five years. This is based on what I read in print publications, hear about in broadcast news and media, and on various news aggregate sites. It’s not based on what I have experienced personally in my neighborhood – where relations between black, Hispanic and Anglo are about as amiable as ever, and a considerable improvement over what they had been three-quarters of a century ago. But these hard-won advances in mutual toleration of racial and cultural differences are being pissed away, and it seems as if this is happening faster and faster.

    Every time an incident of the ‘knock out game’ is hastily swept under the rug, every incident of a mob of black youths going on a rampage at an urban mall, convenience store or department store is ignored – in spite of video footage of it posted on YouTube by the perpetrators – every time a horrific black-on-white crime is ignored by the national media in favor of breathless wall-to-wall coverage of those few occasions when the colors are reversed, every time a buffoon like Al Sharpton in a $1,000 suit accuses Tea Partiers of being motivated solely by racism, every time a member of the tenured ivory tower elite bleats on about white privilege … eventually otherwise well-meaning persons of pallor who really haven’t gained much from that so-called white privilege become just a little less tolerant. Resentful – angry, even.

    I do not see this going anywhere good, at this rate. Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder, once chided Americans for being cowardly in discussing race, back at the dawn of his tenure. At the time, I chalked this up to just another demand for white Americans to be silent and apologetic whilst being hectored one more time by the usual race relations ambulance chasers. But at this rate, we might just very well be having an extremely frank and open discussion sometime soon. Probably not the one that Attorney General Holder was expecting, though. Discuss and share your insights.


    46 Responses to “If and When”

    1. MikeK Says:

      Derbyshire explained some of this and got fired by NRO. Nonetheless, it was good advice and well intentioned. Here is The Talk and none too soon.

      Chicago is well known for “Wilding attacks” in the most prosprous shopping district of downtown. The tourists are interested.

      Oh well, just summer fun . I will remember this the next time I am in town. Fortunately, photos were added to the article so the “teens” can be identified as to ethnic persuasion.

      Its a bit like “youths” burning cars in Paris. Note the terms in the article.

      “allegedly adding religious tensions,”

      What religion might that be ? No mention.

      Aha ! while the New York Times reported on 5 November 2005 that “majority of the youths committing the acts are Muslim, and of African or North African origin” local youths adding that “many children of native French have also taken part.”[17]

      The BBC reported that French society’s negative perceptions of Islam and social discrimination of immigrants had alienated some French Muslims and may have been a factor in the causes of the riots: “Islam is seen as the biggest challenge to the country’s secular model in the past 100 years”.

      Near the end of the piece a fact emerges.

      I’m reading Mark Steyn’s latest book. That may affect my tolerance for BS.

    2. Mrs. Davis Says:

      A couple of thoughts.

      I doubt there will be much discussion soon. Blacks are at about the apogee of their political power. Demographics are working against them. And there is not a new generation of race hustlers like Jesse and Al coming along to keep the pot stirred. They’ve had their historic President who didn’t do them much good and has alienated the rest of the country enough that they are unlikely to get another soon based on the color of his or her skin. The great tragedy there is that Obama isn’t “black”. His mother was white, he grew up in white and mixed culture, and he is not descended from slaves. Finally, affirmative action is at its use by date. The institutional barriers constraining blacks have been pretty thoroughly removed. And anyone who takes a politically incorrect position is a racist. So there’s no upside to a discussion. The best thing to do is to ignore what is going on.

      There is still racism in America, but far less than 50 years ago. So the children of today will grow up wondering more and more why these exceptions have to be made, especially as more and more minorities are successful and there are more and more interracial marriages.

      The real problem is no longer racial, it is cultural. The ancestors of blacks were kept as slaves for centuries, then neglected and ignored for a century and then assaulted by the federal government for 50 years, so far. Recovering from all that will take quite a while longer. And government doesn’t have a lot to offer. I don’t expect the problem to go away for at least 250 years.

    3. Trent Telenko Says:

      Sgt. Mom,

      There was a site tracking black flash mob violence called, naturally enough “” The site went down the summer before Obama’s 2012 re-election, but you can still find it via the Archive dot org “Way back machine” here:

      What was frightening is that during that time period there appeared to be a huge “Internet Search spike” for casual searches looking for such violence.

      I sent the following to Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit) about that on 15 May 2012 —



      There is an on-going media “Spike” on violent/criminal Black flash mobs in the Google, Yahoo, & Bing search engines. This “Spike” is aimed at stopping casual search engine users from finding information on recent violent flash mob activity. You have to use more advanced search features like limiting the search to the last day, week or month to get recent violent flash mob activity hits in your search.

      I tested the search terms “Flash Mob” “Flash Mob Violence” “Criminal Flash Mob” on Google, Yahoo, & Bing. All three showed news items, blog posts, etc prior to August-October 2011. Any thing more recent drops off the top 10 search pages for all three media engines. Relying on any of these search engines to track and avoid Black Flash Mob violence will get the average Google, Yahoo or Bing customer hurt, crippled or killed.

      When I used the advanced search features on Google to limit my “Flash Mob Violence” search term to the last month, these are two articles that fell out.

      One from May 6, 2012 (Please note that the title was 180 degrees out of phase with the text from the piece)

      Violent Flash Mob Phenomenon Potential Losing Ground

      Criminal flash mobs have been increasing over the past eighteen months, according to Merchant Analytic Solutions (MAS)’s article “Flash Mob=Flash ROB?” [5] This webpage includes a number of incidences, termed Multiple Offender Crimes (MOC) by the British authorities, including in Minnesota, Philadelphia, DC, Milwaukee, and Los Angeles. The idea that the mobs target non-black businesses is particularly discomfiting and confusing for store-owners, but MAS includes a list of best practices.[6]

      The lack of official government recognition and support over the increasingly violent flash mob attacks also goads the public. In “Media Conceal True Nature of ‘Flash Mob’ Racial Violence, John Bennett recounts his frustration about the media’s misguided sense of racial sensitivity by routinely withholding perpetrators’ race.[7] He writes, “Not every interracial crime has racial significance. Sometimes a fight is just a fight, a robbery is just a robbery, a mob is just a mob. But when there is a trend of racial victimization and a stark racial component in the participants of the attacks, then there is racial significance.” His record of incidences at the Wisconsin State Fair, in Denver, and elsewhere are corroborated by, a website dedicated to documenting such. [8]

      and this from May 01, 2012 article

      Survival Tactics for Flash Mob Violence

      The magic words to live by are shoot, scoot and stay mute! The majority of cops will have little interest in tracking down someone who fought back and escaped with their lives.

      You must escape these mobs at all cost. The cops will never be able to respond in time to save you. Self-help is really, all you have”.

      And please note that Thomas Sowell’s May 12, 2011 piece “A Censored Race War” ( that speaks about Black Flash mob violence, and that lead me to do these searches, does not use the term “Flash mob.”


      Thomas Sowell has done much a more recent piece on racial flash mob violence titled “Early Skirmishes in a Race War” October 24, 2013 at this link:

      This is from the end of the column at that link —

      Sadly, what happened in Milwaukee and Chicago were not isolated incidents. They were part of a pattern repeated in dozens of cities, in every region of the country. Colin Flaherty’s book, which is subtitled “The Return of Racial Violence to America and How the Media Ignore It,” reveals this pattern in painful detail.

      Other books are emerging that are more clearly a white backlash, in the sense that they attack behavior patterns among contemporary blacks in general.

      Perhaps the most clearly “backlash” books are those written by Paul Kersey, whose central theme is that whites have created thriving cities, which blacks subsequently took over and ruined. Examples include his books about Birmingham (The Tragic City) and Detroit (Escape from Detroit).

      Kersey even takes a swing at Rush Limbaugh (and at yours truly) for saying that liberal policies destroyed these cities. He says that San Francisco and other cities with liberal policies, but without black demographic and political takeovers, have not been ruined. His books are poorly written, but they raise tough questions.

      It would be easy to simply dismiss Kersey as a racist. But denouncing him or ignoring him is not refuting him. Refuting requires thought, which has largely been replaced by fashionable buzzwords and catchphrases when it comes to discussions of race.

      Thought is long overdue. So is honesty.

      Sowell is right about Paul Kersey’s writing — I also own “White Girl Bleed a Lot,” by Colin Flaherty (another poor writer) and that lead me to Kersey’s books — which I scan-read in on-line preview form but did not buy.

    4. Robert Schwartz Says:

      So I’m watching and I’m waiting
      Hoping for the best
      Even think I’ll go to praying
      Every time I hear them saying
      That there’s no way to delay
      That trouble coming every day
      No way to delay
      That trouble coming every day

      Frank Zappa

    5. newrouter Says:

      noticing stuff, as steve sailor might say, is not tolerated by the “ruining class”.

    6. MikeK Says:

      I have read “White Girl Bleed a Lot” and it is interesting. I wonder if “Paul Kersey” is a nom de plume based on the movie “Death Wish” which was hugely successful in 1978. Apparently, he is .

      ” Like his fictional namesake and the superheroes he writes about, Kersey plans to remain anonymous:

      “I’m young—27—and have family members to protect.”

    7. cris Says:

      All this turmoil, just as concealed carry arrives on the scene. Coincidence? Perhaps, but some things have a way of working out.
      Strap in, strap on. Whatever, we’re in for a bumpy ride.

    8. dearieme Says:

      The mistake, in the US and other Western countries, was replacing one set of race privileges by a different one. It would have been better just to abolish the old set and then let individuals make their own futures.

    9. Xennady Says:

      Having spent most of my life near Detroit I’ve heard of or been involved in far too many ugly incidents with the knockout-game set to have any sympathy for them. So have most of the people I know.

      I think American blacks, as a whole, despite millions of exceptions, have spent roughly the last half century p*****g away an enormous amount of good will and toleration for bad behavior. People knew they’d been screwed over, and were willing to make allowances.

      Hey, time’s up. I take the inexorable movement by most states allow concealed carry as a reaction to the plain and obvious inability of the political leadership of the United States to get a handle on lawlessness, quite especially black violent criminal behavior. People simply don’t trust the authorities to maintain order, and they are reacting accordingly.

      The response to all this from the political leadership in DC has been hand-wringing, accompanied by shrieking about racism. For example, I note the seemingly endless and ridiculous attacks on “stand your ground” laws. My guess is that the goal, after getting them repealed, is to put the onus of any crime upon the victim for not running away. George Zimmerman, for example. Thus, everyone can resume pretending nothing is wrong.

      The unpleasant truth, however, is that the United States is inhabited by the same sort of talking animal that exists everywhere else on the planet. Reality doesn’t go away because no one wants to talk about it, and eventuality the divergence between actual reality and politically-correct reality will be too big a gap to paper-over.

      Then the Mandate of Heaven will be withdrawn, so to speak, and the regime will fall.

      No doubt this will be a stunning surprise to most people, especially the inhabitants remaining in cities like Detroit.

      Interesting times, alas.

    10. Trent Telenko Says:

      The issue we have here is a credibility collapse in our governing institutions. If the majority of white voters see “Civil rights” as a scam to rob them of their money and their freedom. There will be hell to pay.

      “Stand your ground” laws and concealed carry are simply the bow wave or “gust front” for what is coming.

      Even “Irish Democracy” — ignoring the law and daring the government to enforce the unenforceable — will be the least of it.

      Consider what happens to Federal civil rights laws if whites as a racial group refuse to convict other whites based on tribal identity.

      The Supreme Court has mandated that both prosecutors and plaintiff defense councils cannot strike a juror based on racial identity. This was meant to protect black criminals from all white juries.

      This ruling will _kill_ civil rights laws if even a very low double digit percentage of the white middle class blanket refuses to convict whites for civil rights prosecutions, simply because the white middle class makes up the majority of the registered voter jury pools in most federal jurisdictions.

      The Federal prosecutor conviction rates for everything are in the 90% range. If it suddenly drops to a much lower percentage for civil rights criminal and civil law suits, that will be the unambiguous cultural signal of “Game Over.”

      We are on the road headed there, barring any events or national leaders that redirect us to a different destination.

    11. grey eagle Says:

      Random attacks happened in Germany in the late 20’s and 30’s. Color was important. The attackers wore brown shirts.

      In both cases, the attackers worshiped a guy who made great speeches and whom the press never criticized. Amazingly, like Obama, ‘Hitler’ was not his real name and Hitler was not born in Germany. Both men are socialists and both have contempt for democratic government, preferring to rule by decree. Both were elected to office by large margins, supported by pretty girls.

    12. dearieme Says:

      “Amazingly … ‘Hitler’ was not his real name” – oh yes it was.

      “Obama … was not born in Germany”. There we agree. On the other hand, there’s not an iota of evidence that he was born anywhere but Hawaii. I’d rather like to know what he’s hiding about his birth (and other parts of his life) but it seems most unlikely to be his place of birth.

    13. MikeK Says:

      “there’s not an iota of evidence that he was born anywhere but Hawaii.”
      I agree but suspect there may be evidence of claiming foreign birth for some advantage in college admission or financing. He did say at one point in his book promotion material that he was foreign born.

      Breitbart News has obtained a promotional booklet produced in 1991 by Barack Obama’s then-literary agency, Acton & Dystel, which touts Obama as “born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.”

      The booklet, which was distributed to “business colleagues” in the publishing industry, includes a brief biography of Obama among the biographies of eighty-nine other authors represented by Acton & Dystel.

      Apparently the agency required the authors to write their own biographies.

      I think Michelle also mentioned this at one point. Why do it ? It must have had some advantage and he is concealing that matter.

    14. MikeK Says:

      As for Hitler:

      Alan Bullock exploded this myth. Bullock noted that Hitler’s father, Alois, had been born out of wedlock to Maria Anna Schicklgruber.

      Eventually, the acknowledged father, Johann Georg Heidler, married Maria, but he never bothered to legitimize his son.

      In 1876, however, the brother of Johann Georg Heidler, then dead, took the necessary steps to legitimize Alois and legally change his name. Thus, records Bullock, ”From the beginning of 1877, 12 years before Adolf was born, his father called himself Hitler, and his son was never known by any other name until his opponents dug up this long-forgotten village scandal and tried, without justification, to label him with his grandmother’s name of Schicklgruber.”

      So, he was a bastard. We knew that.

    15. dearieme Says:

      Eh, no. His father was a bastard.

    16. dearieme Says:

      The WKPD page for Hitler contains this gem:

      Time Person of the Year 1938
      Succeeded by Joseph Stalin

      And succeeded in 2008 and 2012 by ………..

    17. MikeK Says:

      “Eh, no. His father was a bastard.”

      Right. I mis-typed. Although I was correct non-geneologically.

    18. MikeK Says:

      “There is still racism in America, but far less than 50 years ago. So the children of today will grow up wondering more and more why these exceptions have to be made, especially as more and more minorities are successful and there are more and more interracial marriages.”

      I believe my children are more racist than I am or was 40 years ago. My sister, who was ferociously anti-racist when 21, has spent the last 50 years living in Chicago and is also more racist, or racially polarized, than I am. I have the benefit of living in 98% white Orange County, CA. Most white leftists who support Obama also live in similarly isolated communities. They may be located in “blue” cities but they are isolated just the same.

      I completely understand the “Duck Dynasty” fellow because that has been my own experience. In the 1950s, racial relations were far more cordial even with the unmentioned underlying racism. Thomas Sowell puts it best.

      “I am so old that I can remember when most of the people promoting race hate were white.”

    19. Subotai Bahadur Says:

      dearieme Says:
      February 18th, 2014 at 7:13 am

      The mistake, in the US and other Western countries, was replacing one set of race privileges by a different one. It would have been better just to abolish the old set and then let individuals make their own futures.

      Been having a discussion on that exact subject on my email list. Equality under the law [noting that the rule of law itself is disappearing rapidly] was the idealistic goal. But we then created a template of “reparations” and “affirmative action” that prevents that. And we have forced that template on to all groups identified by TPTB as “protected classes”. One problem is that there is never any objective measure as to what would constitute a legitimate point where the “affirmative action” is no longer justified. Thus, it lives [and grows like all government programs and requirements] forever. Eventually, it reaches a point where the dichotomy is too much to be borne. Why should the son of say Bill Cosby’s fictional Huxtable family [Black family, mother-lawyer, father-doctor, Upper middle to lower Upper class; get permanent preferences for jobs, school, promotions, etc. over any group not so favored? Similarly for other “protected” racial groups, women, or any combination of Google’s new 50 title gender identity scheme except for heterosexual male.

      The second point is that there is an inbuilt false assumption that “protected class” status automatically carries with it the fact that the person so protected is actively motivated to become a Nobel Prize winner if only they are given a pass on having to learn to read above a third grade level, or at all. Motivation is cultural, crosses ethic groups, and is based more on observation and training as a child and environment rather than the latest PC decree. Those playing the knock out game, having kids out of wedlock, fathering those kids and abandoning them, dealing drugs, engaging in gang wars, etc.; regardless of race, color, creed, or gender identity are NOT just one EBT card away from becoming New Socialist Men/Women.

      The sad thing is that it will now take a society-shaking civil disorder to change or end that template. More than half of our society cannot conceive of there being consequences for their life choices and will fight to maintain their fantasy and government teat.

      Trent Telenko Says:
      February 18th, 2014 at 8:03 am

      …The Supreme Court has mandated that both prosecutors and plaintiff defense councils cannot strike a juror based on racial identity. This was meant to protect black criminals from all white juries. …

      I readily grant that such a reaction taking place would be a sign of hell to pay. And that it is far from unlikely. I suspect that it would be more of a lagging indicator of coming disorder. Attorney’s have peremptory challenges where no public reasons have to be given. Further, the Supreme Court, which seems amazingly malleable to the desires of this administration; could modify those rulings in the name of “protecting civil rights”. And indeed, this Justice Department has more than a passing tendency to do as they please regardless of the law or Constitution. Especially if it involves preserving the “correct” racial disparities.

      While YMMV, by the time we reach this point; I think we will be at the TTD/DPA stage of our society.

      Subotai Bahadur

    20. Sgt. Mom Says:

      Agree with Xennady, about P***ing away goodwill and understanding over the last fifty years. It’s just been accelerating in the last five. Add up Asian and white resentment about affirmative action translating to preferential treatment in everything from college admission to employment, observing people scamming the welfare system, the horror of having rental houses and apartments in the neighborhood becoming Section 8 Housing, being victimized by crime of the flash-mob and knock-out-game variety — and then seeing that it is essentially censored in the mainstream media is just the cherry on top of the whole rancid sundae. Plus being called a raaaaacist for even noticing and commenting – yet another degree of insult.

      Honestly, I am surprised there haven’t been more Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman-type encounters in blue-collar suburbs. I can only think that on the white or Hispanic side, what holds them back from massive retaliation is the certain knowledge that happened then to George Zimmerman would likely happen to them. It could also be a basic decency and preferring to play by the rules within the system, such as they are. Or suspecting that any massive retaliation for black flash-mob violence might be used by the current administration as the Reichstag fire was used by the Nazis.

    21. Trent Telenko Says:

      Subotai Bahadur,

      American small businesses are already playing the game of “Irish Democracy” by not hiring the long term unemployed. This is a very simple and effective way to screen poor behavior problem workers from their hiring actions without triggering civil rights law suits.

      Defacto, it amounts to a racial screen with a disparate impact on borderline functional workers who are over represented by members of urban black culture.

      Dejure, disparate impact is damned hard to prove with small employers (AKA below 50 workers) because you can’t meet the hurtle of a history of “a pattern and practics of past discrimnation” with the average age of small businesses being less than 10-years, and businesses of that size are not capitalized enough to be worth the money for contingency fee lawyers.

      Small businesses employ roughly 1/2 of all American workers.

      This same “long-term unemployed” screen is also being used by larger businesses as well, which is why we are hearing occasionally from Democrats in Congress and the Obama Administation about making the long term unemployed a “protected class.”

      The line from that sort of behavior to tribal-identity based White jury behavior, nation wide, is very small and very, very, grey.

      You will likey see such tribal-identity white jury behavior show up first in “borderland” older-white inner suburb/urban black/minority core urban areas and mixed race transitional communities like George Zimmerman lived in.

      Point in fact, the Zimmerman self-defense case outcome can be seen as the “Gust front” for civil rights case trial-jury behavior.

      Which is exactly why you saw the huge outcry amoungst the racial reparation usual suspects.

    22. MikeK Says:

      The major factor, in my opinion, is that white people for the most part are law abiding and it will take a lot to change that. We saw that in the lack of crime and disorder in the Depression. We see it in the Tea Party rallies where the park is left cleaner than it was before the rally.

      The arming of America is the silent indicator. There is a growing number of conservative blacks that adopt middle class values and are recognizing the futility of racial resentment. What we have is a race between that demographic and the race hustler/ urban thug movement. Whites, no matter our good intentions, cannot affect that dynamic. We are hopeful bystanders.

      I am as worried about the growing resentment and militarization of the police. It’s happening in San Francisco but could get worse.

      I had a small example when my daughter was 16. A friend called her to tell her he had missed the last bus from the local college and would she drive him home ? She picked him up at the bus stop where he was waiting and then she was stopped and ticketed by an arrogant cop who told her she was “parked” at the bus stop because she had waited when he pulled in behind her as she stopped. Her mother and I tried to see the video from the cop car for a couple of months and were never allowed to see it. We were never told we couldn’t but it was always “unavailable.”

    23. Trent Telenko Says:

      >>The major factor, in my opinion, is that white people for
      >>the most part are law abiding and it will take a lot to change that.

      Which white people you talking about, kemo sabi?

      Ever hear the term “Shoot ’em, Shovel ’em and Shut Up?”

      Rural whites have been dealing with endangered species laws, and specifically endangered species on their private land, in that manner for close to a generation now.

      This won’t be so much a break point even as the Federal, state and local governments being a “boiled frog,” as it requires more and more government enforcement effort for less and less result.

      If there is any real break point, it will be a money one, as American government at all levels runs out of other people’s money.

    24. MikeK Says:

      “Rural whites have been dealing with endangered species laws”

      I’m referring to other humans. Kangaroo rats have to look out for themselves. Certainly the Klan were not nice people; neither were the neo-Nazis. One group has been dead for 50 years, the other can hold a convention in a phone booth.

      There is a lot of angst right now about all the black young men in prison. One solution is to change drugs laws, something I favor. The other is to quit committing crimes. Both would help a lot.

    25. Trent Telenko Says:

      >>…the horror of having rental houses and apartments in the
      >>neighborhood becoming Section 8 Housing, being victimized by
      >>crime of the flash-mob and knock-out-game variety — and then
      >>seeing that it is essentially censored in the mainstream media
      >>is just the cherry on top of the whole rancid sundae.

      The reason for the acceleration of white racial identity is exactly due to section 8 housing.

      The Clinton, Bush and Obama Administrations all pushed section 8 into predominantly white areas trying to improve the plight of marginal black families.

      What they did was import black crime into white areas.

      The developing technology of smart phones to allow black gangs to find and target young black males in those section 8 housing to spread their reach.

      Ending the export of urban black culture into predominantly white areas via section 8 will do much to reduce racial violence the way the end of federal court mandated school busing did.

    26. MikeK Says:

      I have been a member of a planning commission is a small city. The “public interest law firms” are supported by real estate developers who plan to build “affordable housing” and collect the subsidies. The lawyers sue the small cities, which in my case had been completely built out and had no vacant land. They force the city to allocate more space to affordable housing and small parcels are all that is left. I have suggested that developers be required to set aside a portion of their middle class projects to accommodate this “need.” They are not interested. They want to build new projects that are all “affordable (subsidized)” and fight any attempt to change this.

      It is an iron triangle, at least in California. A left wing legislature, “public interest law firms” and the developers that fund them, and probably the legislature. Here, at least, it is not the urban black culture but illegal aliens sleeping six to a room.

    27. Xennady Says:

      “Honestly, I am surprised there haven’t been more Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman-type encounters in blue-collar suburbs.”

      I suspect there have been, plenty of them. But the political establishment including its propaganda arm has absolutely no incentive to publicize such incidents for the same reason it has no incentive to publicize the incredible black crime rate.

      Not a new insight on by me, I know. But I think the only reason the Martin/Zimmerman case became such a cause celebre was because the establishment concluded that they could use it as a tool to push back against the inexorable trend by the public at large to support gun ownership and self defense.

      Their problem was that the facts of the case didn’t actually help them. Hence, no one was fooled into blaming stand your ground laws or concluding self defense was wrong. No minds were changed, and there was precious little political impact.

      Except, I believe, that the case gave yet more evidence that the establishment has essentially no interest in the rule of law. It was just fascinating for me to notice that I saw almost no Republican anywhere make any sort of political statement about the case. Democrats had no such restraint.

      So even though self-defense and gun rights are issues near and dear to the hearts of potential Republican voters the party serenaded us with the thunderous roar of crickets chirping. Democrats from Barry Obama on down had no compunction at all about lying about the basic facts of the case- and republicans said nothing.


    28. Xennady Says:

      ““Stand your ground” laws and concealed carry are simply the bow wave or “gust front” for what is coming.”

      That’s a fabulous way to put it.

      Anyway, I’m a fan of a book called “The Fourth Turning” and per the authors we’re in a crisis which will upend many basic conventions of society. One of those conventions- as I see it- is the idea that the US is a terrible racist country, needing endless affirmative action, plus an extensive legal regime, to make sure all the evil whites in the US don’t do mean things to all the saintly victims of color.

      So the political establishment of the US- believing the above every bit as thoroughly as the Slavocracy that dominated American politics prior to the Civil War believed that slavery was a positive good- are always hunting, hunting, hunting for evidence of that terrible racism.

      They know it’s out there, everywhere, lurking. Meanwhile, in the actual United States, Barry Obama is president, Thomas Sowell is an enormously respected conservative academic, and many millions of people not of European descent live in the US without incident.

      Just not the knock-down set. So gosh- I recall John Brown and his influence upon the Civil War. It wasn’t very much in the grand scheme of things, I think- but from my rather hazy recollection he seems to have been something of a catalyst for what followed.

      The storm that follows the gust front- I love that analogy. Anyway, it seems to me all but inevitable that one of these shop owners who are targets for these flashmob attacks will shoot.

      I just wonder what’s going to happen when the public at large sees this as self defense- and the political class sees it as that racism that’s always everywhere, lurking, seething, everywhere in flyoverland.

      And they’ll want to teach us a lesson.

      Interesting times…

    29. Michael Hiteshew Says:

      >>the political class sees it as that racism that’s always everywhere, lurking, seething, everywhere in flyoverland.

      I see it as a cynical ploy to win black votes. And it works. Between redistribution promises – I’ll take money from them and give it to you, if you vote for me – and the racism charge – our party is for you, that other party is racist – it’s very successful. How many blacks a republicans? Or Tea Party members? They do it because it’s been successful for them. That it creates social chaos and a permanent underclass is irrelevant.

    30. Joe Wooten Says:

      Ever hear the term “Shoot ‘em, Shovel ‘em and Shut Up?”

      Trent, the Sierra Club, NRDC and the other radical enviro-whacko groups have been hiring people to tresspass on private land to look for “endangered species” for 20+ years. I wonder how long before these folks are included in the “Shoot ‘em, Shovel ‘em and Shut Up”? Maybe it has already happened…….

    31. MikeK Says:

      “radical enviro-whacko groups have been hiring people to tresspass on private land ”

      And a few are doing even more, like burning down ski lifts and car lots.

    32. Joe Wooten Says:

      And putting big nails in trees, sand in diesel tanks, etc……

      I am waiting on said groups to scream bloody murder when one of their members doing these activities gets shot, and probably killed.

    33. TMLutas Says:

      Put up a map and start keeping track of the incidents. I’ve lost my patience with this sort of complaint of media bias and spiking stories. Tell the story. This is what Radley Balko is doing with police misconduct of various kinds. Do it with the knockout game and solicit contributors to add to the database. What stops you?

    34. Sgt. Mom Says:

      I might just start doing that – but White Girl Bleed a Lot may have gotten ahead of me in cataloging logging the incidents.

    35. Subotai Bahadur Says:

      Xennady Says:
      February 19th, 2014 at 2:00 am

      …Not a new insight on by me, I know. But I think the only reason the Martin/Zimmerman case became such a cause celebre was because the establishment concluded that they could use it as a tool to push back against the inexorable trend by the public at large to support gun ownership and self defense….

      I agree, but would also add as a factor the total lack of competence of the American press. They are ideologically unable to actually check any facts before they run with the story crammed into the Leftist Narrative. They heard the name Zimmerman, and the first thing that popped into their empty little heads was the image of an evil, conservative Jew committing premeditated murder on an innocent, upwardly mobile and no doubt brilliant [the condos were an upscale neighborhood, it is just that normally Martin lived in a lower class neighborhood, and was a gang-banging criminal] young black. Every Leftist trope was engaged before confirmation; anti-gun, anti-Semitic, oppression of innocent black youth, and yes the racism that they are so desperately looking for.

      Thus, from the very beginning they had to invent a classification of “White Hispanic” that was directly opposite of generations of Leftist Affirmative Action demands; just to try to salvage their own imbecility. I think that the cognitive dissonance of that drew even more attention to the actual facts of the case. But the Left never lets facts get in the way of a judicial auto-de-fe once it starts, lest they be seen as fallible.

      Subotai Bahadur

    36. Trent Telenko Says:

      Sgt Mom,

      Gateway Pundit and the Conservative Tree House are blogging such incidences as they find them.


      Joseph Farah’s World Net Daily site does as well. It just so happens that Colin Flaherty is a columnist there and posted a big list of flashmob violence at this link:

      Gah…See this, it just came up a short time ago:

      Baton Rouge Police Arrest Two Teens for Knockout Attack & Murder
      Posted by Jim Hoft on Wednesday, February 19, 2014,

    37. Michael Kennedy Says:

      I don’t know how legitimate this essay is but it is interesting .

    38. Joe Wooten Says:


      I have read similar articles in other places. I’ll have to find them again. Also, my late sister-in-law had a friend who taught at a predominately black elementary school on the south side (Chicago) who said the same things about 5th and 6th grade black kids.

      Her cousin was a football coach and shop teacher at a nearby high school and he had some hair raising stories about the kids in there the last 10 years he taught.

    39. Tom Holsinger Says:

      Google’s alteration of crime reporting search engine results for politically correct reasons means it has really significant criminal and civil liability exposure due to staff alteration of financial reporting for personal gain. If staff have escaped discipline for the former, Google has no effective controls against the latter, and the latter offers really large monetary rewards for Google staff engaged in such misconduct.

      Coming soon to a headline near you.

    40. Trent Telenko Says:


      The “PC Search Engine Spike” was not limited to Google. Yahoo and Bing also had them.

      This is why I see it as a coordinated effort by parties unknown.

    41. Tom Holsinger Says:

      We’re still looking at major financial market scams using the internet to pollute data.

      Government snooping is a minor threat by comparison. Russian criminal hackers probably got the NSA’s toolbox from Snowden.

      It’s not free anymore.

    42. Trent Telenko Says:

      I have had feedback from elsewhere that Google has always mixed its politics with it’s search engines….but hasn’t messed with money issues.

      So the “Violent Flash Mob Search Spike” was indeed a Google Management decision to apply.

    43. Tom Holsinger Says:

      Google is a little bit pregnant here. Either there are internal controls against manipulation of search result data or there aren’t. It isn’t possible to wall off financial search results from the rest, and there are really major rewards for the Google staff who manipulate financial data search results.

      Google management is betting the company on your source’s use of the word “appears”:

      “… appears to stay away from manipulation for monetary gain as that could open them up to a whole mess of litigation and prosecution.”

    44. Xennady Says:

      “I agree, but would also add as a factor the total lack of competence of the American press.”

      Yeah, but I think you’re being too charitable towards the American press. I think “malice” is a better word to use than “incompetence” although the press is certainly incompetent as well.

    45. Xennady Says:

      I see it as a cynical ploy to win black votes. And it works. Between redistribution promises – I’ll take money from them and give it to you, if you vote for me – and the racism charge – our party is for you, that other party is racist – it’s very successful. How many blacks a republicans? Or Tea Party members? They do it because it’s been successful for them. That it creates social chaos and a permanent underclass is irrelevant.

      It’s that, no doubt.

      But I wonder if the competent people who understood that the endless charges of racism were just a cynical ploy have been replaced by ideologues who really believe it.

      And, hence, will want to punish the evil racists.

      We’ll see…

    46. Xennady Says:

      Whoops. Looks like my first ever attempt to use blockquotes here was a failure. Sorry.