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David Horowitz, Why Republicans Need the Tea Party:

So how do we fight fire with fire? How do we go from a party that is eager to explain to Democrats why their policies won’t work but reluctant to call them out for who they are, to a party that will go toe-to-toe and hammer-and-tongs with them and defeat their politics of personal and political destruction? Another way to put this is: How do we develop a political weapon that matches and neutralizes theirs, in particular the claim that we are waging a war against women, minorities, and the poor?
Actually, it’s not that difficult if you are willing to be aggressive, if you are willing to match their rhetoric and be called extremist for doing so. Every inner city in America of size is run by Democrats and has been for 50 to 100 years. Detroit is a good example. It is 85 percent black. Fifty years ago it was per capita the richest city in America, the industrial jewel of an industrial superpower. Fifty years ago Democrats came to power in Detroit and began implementing their plans for social justice.
Fifty years of progressive policies and Democratic rule has bankrupted Detroit, and ruined it. A third of its population is on welfare. Half its population is unemployed. Its per-capita income has plummeted so far that it is now the poorest large city in America. It has been depopulated. More than half the people who lived there are gone. Everyone has fled who can. It is a giant slum of human misery and despair. And Democrats did it. Democrats are Detroit’s slumlords and the authors of the racist policies that have reduced a once great city to its present squalid state. Democrats are cynical liars and rank hypocrites when they claim to be interested in the well-being of minorities and the poor, whose necks bear the marks of their boot heels.
Fighting fire with fire means throwing the Democrats’ atrocities — their exploitation and devastation of black and brown Americans — in their faces every time they open their mouths. It means accusing them of destroying the lives of millions of poor black and Hispanic children who are trapped in the public schools that don’t educate them — schools the Democrats run as jobs programs for adults and slush funds for their political campaigns. It means taking up the cause of the victims and indicting progressives for their crimes. The one thing it does not mean is business as usual.

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  1. Chicago is next and Rahm admits it.

    “Years ago, people referred to LaSalle Street because it was a financial center. Chicago had a lot of banks that were Chicago-based. There’s only one left. They’re all gone,” the mayor said.

    “As it relates to the futures and options industry, that’s a place where Chicago is still economically a dominant player — and there’s more competition,” particularly if a transaction tax is tacked on.

    Guess who proposed the tax ?

    The elephant in the room .

    As if we didn’t know who that was.

    Then she blamed “rich, white people” and “venture capitalists” for poverty and racism, stating:

    “And, when are we going to address the elephant in the room?

    Of course. The ghost of Coleman Young is chuckling.

  2. It’s pretty ironic that just as the US is unexpectedly and inexplicably reclaiming its position as once again the no. 1 industrial and technological superpower, Detroit is imploding and won’t share in any of it.

    That city was thoroughly sucked dry. If they had just put on the brakes just a little bit the conversation would be entirely different, but they just couldn’t. Now it’s a monument to the quintessential Progressive society.

    The question that needs to asked are why are these cities so bad off when elsewhere the country turned around in the absolute opposite direction. Someone needs to be held accountable for this disaster.

  3. He reminds me Dan Hannan and Nigel Farage. He calls it like it is, does it right to their face, and doesn’t care what he’s called in return. The UKIP is surging. People are tired of the lies and the social and economic destruction that goes with it. We need that here. He’s right.

  4. Repubs actually fight? Plant their flag in enemy territory? Hahahaha…wooeee! Hohohoho…Whew! Lemme catch my breath…
    Avaunt, you hashtags of Liberty!
    Cover your ears with your kneepads
    So as to smother the blast of war!
    Assume the port of Mars
    So as to cloak the deer in the headlights!
    Imitate the action of the tiger,
    You damned pussies.

  5. “Awesome. Nothing like a hippie turncoat. Very rare. ;)”

    Not as rare as you seem to think. Besides Horowitz was not so much a hippie as a radical leftist. During the 60s, the two groups didn’t much appreciate the other.

    As yes, we need to be much more blunt with the voters on what we oppose based on the consequences of those policies, and what we intend to do about it.

    We can do much better than ad hominem arguments, the leftist staple.

  6. If I could sum up David Horowitz’s overall message it would be that Republicans/conservatives/libertarians et al have been “…too stupid, too nice, too long” and that appealing to logic, reason, common sense, etc., doesn’t work, that we have to make our appeals “emotional” in nature. And since most DC Republicans are more likely to prefer business as usual we have to go around them as well as try to “get the wrong people to do the right thing”.

    If you haven’t seen the two part video of David Horowitz describing what we are up against it can be found at the end of this article:


    In addition to the intellectual efforts of David Horowitz there is also a new “activist” element led by the awesome Ben Shapiro and like-minded young culture warriors. Their organization is truthrevolt.org and they are taking it to the Lefties at every opportunity.

  7. Pen Gun
    Awesome. Nothing like a hippie turncoat. Very rare. ;)

    Not that rare at all. There are a substantial number of former libs, like myself, who changed from “progressives” of the left into “evil right-wingers.” Like David, I used to live in Berserkeley. For me, the turning point was foreign policy.

    For David Horowitz, the turning point was the murder of Betty Van Patter in December 1974-January 1975. Betty Van Patter was a bookkeeper who went to work for the Black Panthers at David Horowitz’s recommendation. From my comment at Neo-neocon’s posting on Collier and Horowitz’s book Destructive Generation.

    Collier and Horowitz write about the murder of Betty Van Patter. Betty Van Patter was a bookkeeper with radical political leanings whom the Black Panthers hired to do their books, at the recommendation of David Horowitz. Betty Van Patter had worked with Horowitz at Ramparts, the defunct radical magazine.

    Betty Van Patter had discovered irregularities in the Black Panthers’ books. After informing the Black Panthers about those irregularities, she disappeared and was discovered dead in the Bay a month later. In addition to the obvious connection, it is of note that Elaine Brown and other Black Panthers have turned exceedingly hostile when one mentions Betty Van Patter to them.

    As David Horowitz had recommended Betty Van Patter for the bookkeeping job with the Panthers, he felt some responsibility for her death. From the beginning, he suspected Panther complicity in Betty Van Patter’s death, a conclusion which Betty’s daughter Tamara Baltar didn’t reach until after she and her brothers were able to pay a private investigator to look into the case.

    The death of Betty Van Patter was the turning point for David Horowitz- the turning point from left wing radical to Reagan supporter.

    As nearly 40 years have passed since Betty Van Patter’s murder without any arrests, it is not likely that there ever will be, in spite of all the efforts of Betty’s daughter Tamara.
    For what it’s worth, here is what Collier and Horowitz wrote in “Destructive Generation” [page 270]

    In the weeks that followed, David convinced the Ramparts bookkeeper, a woman named Betty Van Patter, to help the Part get its books in order. Apparently she stumbled onto information showing that they were dealing in drugs and protection rackets. Wanting threm to live up to her radical high hopes, she must have confronted them with what she had learned. The next thing we heard, she had been found floating in the Bay-her head cavedc in by a blow from a heavy object.

    What IS unusual about David Horowitz is that he was a red diaper baby. His parents were CPUSA members, so he made quite a change- from old left to new left to neo-con.

    Radical Son, his autobiography, is worth a read.

    There are more links at the link to Neo-neocon.

  8. Not to suggest by any means I disagree with the thesis that the Dems are, at the least, an exceptionally large part of the failure of Detroit, the problem is mainly that the counterargument, that the real reason for the failure of Detroit was the failure of the US auto industry, needs a counter-counter argument.

    Yeah, that devolves into the actions of the unions, but you need something a bit more concrete than just blaming unions face-on… and preferably not an explanation that requires 20 minutes of development to understand. The peeps today don’t have the patience for a good long explanation.

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