Men’s Leadership Forum of Chicago: Luncheon with Robert Novak 9.13.06

I have been involved in the founding of this new group. The luncheon with Robert Novak is our inaugural event. If you have any interest, details are below the fold.

The Men’s Leadership Forum of Chicago is a program designed for professional leaders in the Chicago area, to offer guidance and encouragement in living according to Christian ideal, and to apply those ideals in their everyday activities, at work, at home and in civic life. The Men’s Leadership Forum of Chicago will offer four annual sessions, featuring noted speakers. The sessions will also provide the opportunity to deepen professional friendships and enhance spiritual solidarity among one’s peers.

The inaugural session of the Men’s Leadership Forum of Chicago will be a luncheon at the Union League Club, 65 West Jackson, Boulevard, Chicago, Illinois, on September 13, 2006, starting at 11:45 a.m.. The speaker will be the noted Washington columnist and commentator Robert D. Novak. Mr. Novak will speak on the topic of “Faith and the Media”.

The cost of the session is $40.00. You may register for the session at the Men’s Leadership Forum of Chicago’s website.

Our second session will be on October 20, 2006, at 7:45 a.m. at the University Club of Chicago. Senator Sam Brownback will be the speaker.

Additional formational activities may be offered in the future. We welcome your participation and suggestions.

2 thoughts on “Men’s Leadership Forum of Chicago: Luncheon with Robert Novak 9.13.06”

  1. Nice. I was involved in the Men’s Leadership Forum in Washington DC. The last speaker I got to see was Senator Sam Brownback. Very impressive guy.

    How is it you do not have links to We are right up your alley as a news and commentary source. Frankly, I am a little miffed. Please do check us out, and e-mail me there with any questions.

    We also have a book talk interview with Tim Carney up–Carney’s book has an introduction y Novak that gives the book high praise. It is still up on the front page, just scroll down for it.

  2. Matthew, glad you like the MLF in DC. We will be having Sen. Brownback in Chicago in October.

    we don’t have links to anything. We just got the website up, and it is still not done. So, don’t be miffed.

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