America 3.0: Request for Amazon Reviews — we need to get up to 50 five star ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ reviews

Dear Friends:

I am told by a reliable source that, as soon as a book sold on Amazon reaches 50 five star (★★★★) reviews, Amazon starts touting that book to its customers by pointing out that Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought this five star (★★★★★) rated book.

Today, America 3.0 has 39 five star (★★★★★) reviews. That’s tantalizingly close to 50 five star (★★★★★) reviews.

I know several readers who have told me they liked the book very much, but have not yet posted a review on Amazon. So, I hereby request that anyone who likes the book enough to give it five stars (★★★★★) on Amazon to please post a five star (★★★★★) review.

Note: your five star (★★★★★) review can be whatever length you want, including the minimal length. You can edit your five star (★★★★★) review later if you want to heap on more praise.

See you at 50.