Lisa Marr

Longtime readers of this blog know of my musical obsession with Miss Marr’s music, e.g. here and here.

My favorite thing in all of creation is a woman singer with a great voice singing great catchy pop songs.

Lisa Marr is the best gal we’ve got these days in that category.

Of course, with the injustice we must expect in this fallen world, she is not nearly well enough known.

She just mentioned on her website that someone set up a new MySpace page for her, even though she is not a fan of MySpace. (I don’t understand MySpace, which makes things easy for me.) Anyway, the MySpace page has some good songs on it, as does this page from her website. The MySpace page has three videos, and there are more on this page as well.

If you are liking her stuff, I think the best albums are 4 AM, by the Lisa Marr Experiment; Funtown, by the Beards; the Spring Demo Collection by Miss Marr. These are all available off of her website. She has a somewhat convoluted back-catalog, which includes her entire early career with Cub (a great but nonetheless underrated band). I think Cub’s best album was Come Out, Come Out. But most of her stuff, with her various bands, is good, and some of it is stellar.