4 thoughts on “September 1, 1939”

  1. The French had the army – but not the Air Force. The British had the navy by far, a modest air force, but no army. The USSR had everything and intended to use it when the time was right. The United States had almost nothing. I’m afraid we are looking at a world where young people think that we easily won WWII. Strange things can happen and we must be prepared. We can’t build a Maginot Line, but must remain flexible on all fronts. It is very hard.

  2. >>The United States had almost nothing.

    I read somewhere that at the start of WWII the USA had the 17th largest armed forces in the world.

  3. I have also read that factoid, Michael – and with the further notation that at #17, the US ranked below Poland, militarily. Poland, whose forces were demolished in about a week by Germany and Russia.

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