College Course on America 3.0 at U. Cal. Irvine with Prof. Gary Richardson

Gary Richardson

I recently had my one-year anniversary as Associate Specialist in the Department of Economics at The University of California, Irvine. A notice went out on LinkedIn, and many people thought I’d moved to California. Not so. I am in Chicago, practicing law — and promoting the vision, mission and message of America 3.0 from here.

The UCI appointment was made at the initiative of my friend Gary Richardson. Gary is in the midst of a very distinguished career as an economist and historian. His webpage shows the scope and quality of his research and publication. His papers with the National Bureau of Economic Research are here. Most recently Gary was appointed as the first historian of the Federal Reserve. Here is an interview regarding the role of the historian for the Fed.

What the UCI appointment permitted me to do was to team-teach a college course, with Gary, using America 3.0 as the text. I joined the class via Skype, from my desk in Chicago. This was a great experience for me, and the feedback from the students was positive. The appointment has also given me access to material which will be very helpful for future research and writing.

My thanks to Gary Richardson, the dashing chap pictured above, and to the students in the America 3.0 class.

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  1. This looks cool. How about a MOOC?

    I’m somewhat relieved that the Fed has hired someone that can bring some sense and rationality and perspective to the institution. It seems they have been a little more receptive to dissent down in Dallas. Somewhat.

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