Welcome to the new Chicagoboyz!

OK, everything works except some minor stuff. I sent new passwords and login info to the active contributors. Let me know if I missed you.

UPDATE: It appears that no video links survived the move. Sorry, Lex.

UPDATE 2: There seem to be some database issues causing slow page loading. Our crack tech staff is on the case.

UPDATE 3: I changed the permission settings for contributors. That may have been the source of some problems.

14 thoughts on “Welcome to the new Chicagoboyz!”

  1. Pinochet? The man who saved Chile from communism? The dictator who stepped aside so democracy could be restored? The man who left his country more prosperous when he left than when he took over? That guy? Yeah, maybe somebody will write about him.

  2. It looks great but for the life of me I can’t figure out how to go from post to comments to forum. Is there a step I’m not seeing? I get the forum subject page but can’t get any further.

  3. Speaking of Pinochet, does anyone know how to get a copy of Val Dorta’s “The Allende Myth”? His site no longer appears to be functioning. I am not a fan of Pinochet – his regime was a torturing and murdering one – but very few people seem to be aware of or willing to acknowledge how bad things were in Chile under Allende and (it seems unarguable, if unpalatable) how Pichochet’s coup saved Chile from a much worse fate (e.g. full scale civil war, or rule by a group similar to Shining Path). Val’s essay is the best starting point in understanding this – if only I could get hold of it again.

  4. I’m getting some weirdess in the daft page – I’m not seeing my draft, but I am seeing the Chicagoboyz template, with a 404 error in the box where the post would be. My draft post does show up in the preview pane, but it also has the Chicagoboyz template.

  5. Thanks. I just wrote a test post and saved it as a draft without problems. Try refreshing the page. If that doesn’t work, can you describe the steps you took to create/save/edit your draft?

  6. No matter what I do now, when I sign in I get the header with all the photos into my “write” page in the HTML editor either for a new entry or my old one. Don’t know what I did wrong.

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