Opportunities for Civilian Volunteers in Iraq

Someone forwarded this to me and it looks like a worthy cause and an interesting opportunity for qualified individuals, so I am passing the word. Perhaps some of our readers will be interested or know other people who might be.

From this website:

The Department of Defense needs DoD civilian volunteers to serve with the Department of State’s Provincial Reconstruction Teams (PRTs) in Iraq. The PRTs are operated under the authority of the Department of State, to promote security and economic development in Iraq, and to assist the Iraqi people in rebuilding and administering their country. A Foreign Service Officer leads the PRTs, which will comprise of military members, Foreign Service officers, DoD civilians, other Federal civilians, and contractors. The period of service is 9-12 months, although shorter periods of service may be considered.

Go to the website if you want more information. The caveat is that these jobs are nominally open to DoD employees only. However, the person who forwarded the info suggested that individuals who are not DoD employees but who strongly feel that they should be considered for these positions should try to apply for them anyway.

UPDATE: A commenter provides this link to State Department job listings for civilians in Iraq. (Thanks, Fritz.)

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  1. Here is a link for the State Department’s positions for Iraq Reconstruction Management Office (IRMO) Civilian Positions


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