8 thoughts on “Chicago Boyz Waiting Room Series: 3”

  1. Looks like a clinic that treats low income types. I had no problem with checks but that was a middle class community and a few years ago.

    I can’t read the signs but it looks like a Medicaid clinic.

  2. What kind of medical clinic has a sign saying “An extra charge will be made for installation of parts purchased elsewhere”?

  3. Each implementation rollout of the Affordable Care Act only gets worse judging by this hospital signage.

  4. The certificate under the emergency light is from the ASE: (www.ase.com).

    I was not aware that they were providing certification for medical specialties.

  5. The Brown Period. The fact that the receptionist is not behind bullet-resistant acrylic and that they have the courage to display the always-threatening and controversial “Holiday Tree”, give me hope.

  6. Uncovered fluorescents is generally a sign that overhead is kept to a minimum! Not that there’s anything wrong with that, especially for a small business.

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