6 thoughts on “Voting”

  1. Dearieme: You might say that Jeb, Carly, Rand et al are zombie candidates.

    Dan from: A developer wants approval for an upscale mall/restaurant project along the Miami River. I voted no because 1) I am not sure there is any way to hold him to his plan (could it, for example, one day turn into a casino project?), 2) he wants what amounts to a fifty-year option on the land, and 3) I don’t trust this kind of deal generally. There was a personable, articulate, well dressed guy promoting it outside of my polling place; I suspect he was not a volunteer. No doubt the initiative will pass.

  2. I see Rubio is out.

    I’d love it if the FBI torpedoed Hellary (though I’ll bet they won’t) and Trump won the Presidency at a canter. I’d love it because of all the conspiracy theories that would arise. It was the Joos. It was Putin. It was the KKK. It was the Koch brothers. It was ……… oh the Pope, the Queen and the Freemasons.

    I know: it was the Orange Order. As evidence I point you to photos of Mr Trump.

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