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  • The Dangerous Green Agenda

    Posted by Michael Hiteshew on April 2nd, 2016 (All posts by )


    7 Responses to “The Dangerous Green Agenda”

    1. Will Says:

      More unmasking:

    2. TMLutas Says:

      I’m working my way through the video so I’m writing as I listen.

      1. Yay Romania. She’s probably referring to the Rosia Montana mining project, which is the search string best suited to dig into the details
      2. If nobody’s looking at the greens to ensure that they tell the truth, *why* is nobody looking at them? What are the incentive structures that misalign?
      3. People are more important than lemurs. A culture that fails to teach that is in deep trouble.

      Just from this video I got a number of potential projects for citizen intelligence:
      Is [specific environmentalist alleged tragedy] story true?
      What is the biggest killer on the planet?
      How many killed by ddt vs killed because of lack of ddt?
      Comparative death totals by time period malaria vs AIDS.

      Dashboard widgets, web pages, or even entire sites could be built laying out these stories. We have geared our response to talk, make videos, and hit a like button but not to gather together and actually define and solve the problem. The little platoons are simply not happening. People think that they can’t make it happen but are not actually checking to see how much it would cost to *make* it happen, which probably is going to be orders of magnitude less than their imaginations.

      We have not integrated into our mental landscape the information revolution.

    3. Andrew_M_Garland Says:

      What do the Greens think is funny?

      Join us. No pressure
      10/01/2010 YouTube 3:59.

      This ad by 1010Global suggests cutting carbon emissions by 10%. It is a fascinating, look into the radical, progressive mind. No, this isn’t an attack ad made by conservatives.

      School children, employees, and athletes are asked to join in. It is all voluntary. No pressure. The non-participants are immediately blown up.

      It’s all in good fun, if your idea of fun is a fantasy about blowing up the people who disagree with you and making a video to share the laughs. The blood flying everywhere is part of the humor.

    4. Michael Hiteshew Says:

      Andrew, yes, it’s a fanatical religion. The current Left, communism and islam have a lot in common in that way.

    5. Will Says:

      Red/Green, same as it ever was:

      Burning down the house!

    6. Sgt. Mom Says:

      “This ad by 1010Global suggests cutting carbon emissions by 10%. It is a fascinating, look into the radical, progressive mind. No, this isn’t an attack ad made by conservatives.”

      That was an absolutely appalling and off-putting bit of agit-prop. It was so jaw-droppingly sick – how could any sane person ever approved it? I honestly still wonder … and upon consideration, wonder if it weren’t approved by someone cynically making certain of the 1010Global people making absolute t*ats of themselves.

      And then again — I wonder if it weren’t wish-fulfillment, after all.

    7. Will Says:

      I’d seen that ad some time ago. That, plus the cavalier attitudes regarding the latest Planned Parenthood revelations, the silence regarding the gang rapes and misogyny in Western Europe and the UK, the men-in-the-girls room theme here, all paint a much darker portrait than simply just green energy and wealth redistribution. They are a malevolent force.

      I was told forty-plus years ago, “they are bad people” I couldn’t hear it then, I can hear it now.