International Gun Prohibition

Via Instapundit and Outdoor Life comes this AP article about a new UN scheme to restrict trade in weapons. It is the same old nonsense.

But in the U.S., the NRA says it sees a creeping attempt to limit civilian gun ownership within nations — even though the focus now is on setting standards for arms exports and imports.
The international issues “necessarily will come to involve at some point domestic laws and policies regarding firearms,” said former congressman Bob Barr, a leading NRA voice on the subject.
“That’s not what we’re looking at here,” countered Greg Puley, of the Control Arms coalition of pro-treaty advocacy groups. “The point is to control trade in weapons that contribute to conflict and atrocities.”

Contra Mr. Puley, US domestic restriction of private gun purchases is exactly the expected outcome here. How could it be otherwise?

Just as domestic restrictions on guns serve to keep weapons from law-abiding citizens without affecting the ability of criminals to obtain them, so international restrictions only make it more difficult for oppressed populations to defend themselves from “conflict and atrocities” perpetrated by their own governments. State supported Sudanese Islamist militias will not be impeded in the least while the defenseless people they kill in Darfur will be blockaded.

Of course the dictators’ club at the UN will support any effort to disarm free individuals. That’s how dictatorships behave. But why should democracies like the UK, Australia and Japan support such efforts? Bravo to the NRA for standing up to the dictators and foolish democrats.

3 thoughts on “International Gun Prohibition”

  1. When guns are outlawed in the United States, only outlaws’ children will accidentally shoot each other, and only outlaws will shoot their wives. When the gun trade is restricted internationally, perhaps the dictators will have more difficulty buying guns but so will those saffron clad monks in Burma………let’s just give everybody on earth a gun and we’ll all be much safer.

  2. …let’s just give everybody on earth a gun and we’ll all be much safer.

    We probably would be. In case you hadn’t noticed, criminals and dictators always find ways to get the weapons they want despite laws, treaties and international blockades. It’s the Buddhist monks, Darfuris and other victims of this world who really need the means to defend themselves but are hindered from acquiring them by idiotic weapons-prohibition schemes that people like you favor.

  3. This argument is always ended when one looks at the handgun murder rates of Chicago and DC (among other cities) during their storied gun “bans”.

    I bet Daley and Berry have boatloads of gun totin’ guards all over their premises as well.

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