A Lament for These Times

No – upon reconsideration, not a lament – more of a bitchy rant, pounded out between finalizing one book, the last chapters of another – both intended for the fall/holiday market season, wherein most of my direct sales are made.

Yes, politics and the social scene appear to be getting stupider, reactionary and more risible in every passing day. Unfortunately, I do not possess a reservoir of spleen the size of Lake Michigan, the hours in a working day, or the energy in which to give certain topics the thorough and at-length venting which they so richly deserve, so a series of brief drive-by crankiness will have to do.

1. Hillary Clinton is not a well woman, as ought to be obvious from her infrequent public appearances, horrific coughing fits, and the hovering solicitude of a guy who may be her medical handler/personal physician. Infrequent appearances, small, sparsely-attended rallies – while Donald Trump – who is in the same age bracket, mind you – keeps going and going like the Energizer Bunny, packing them in by the thousands every other day or two. It could be that she and her people are so convinced that the election is already in the bag, that she need only make the slightest pretense at a campaign. But just looking at her gives me the impression that she is being held together with duct tape, bailing wire and prescription medication.

2. And while I’m on the topic of Hillary, it’s becoming clearer every day that she was a crappy Secretary of State. After being a so-so Senator, and an indifferent and difficult first lady. Really, I would have had a titch more respect for her if she had given that hound-dog of a husband his walking papers as soon as they were clear of the White House. But then, it’s not a marriage, in the true sense of the word; rather, it’s a grubby little business arrangement into which I do not believe love and mutual consideration were ever a consideration … only towering ambition. Her primary focus was not on the good of the nation or the well-being and security of American citizens, but as always, on how much she could grub by selling out to foreign nationals and interests. Which is the best definition of an oligarchy or banana republic. The ruling class does what is best for the bank account and power accrued to the ruling class … not what is best for the nation over which they pretend to govern.

3. Oh, and casually violating security protocols, every time she turned around? No – anyone in the military, or at a level high enough to have a security clearance knows all about how to treat secure information. Either Hillary is the dumbest person ever to hold a security clearance, or … well, enough about Hillary.

4. What about another infuriating public personality, touted as the very perfect modern millennial capital-f Feminist? Oh, yes – the chubby exhibitionist of everything from her chunky corpus to her unlovely habit of opening her mouth and letting the first thought which pops into her brain come out between her teeth a millisecond later. I speak of Lena Dunham, who for some bizarre reason is encouraged to display both on the public stage, mostly on the basis of a cable TV show which hardly anyone has seen in Flyoverlandia. Yes, the darling of the New York glitterati … who upon scoring an invite to some high-powered event beloved of the fabulously photogenic glitterati was seated next to another celeb of whom I have heard rather less. A certain rather fit, somewhat good-looking NFL athlete who proceeded to pay absolutely no attention whatsoever to Ms. Dunham, apparently to her chagrin – loudly expressed on a talk show days later. Look, Lena, sweetie – being chunky and only moderately-attractive when compared to movie stars and models is not a challenge to an intelligent woman. You only have to put some sincere effort into being charming and intelligent. A clever, socially-adept woman, displaying a flattering and sincere-seeming interest in the person next to her at some brief social affair … well then, the world is an oyster. But you really have to make the effort, first.

5. And speaking of NFL football players … I suppose I must speak of Colin Kaepernick, who has famously decided to go all out for a Black Lives Matter demonstration by refusing to stand for the National Anthem, on the usual social justice whiner grounds regarding some supposed eagerness of police departments to murder poor innocent young youths of color. Well, his right to do so, I suppose. Mine to note that here was a supremely talented and fortunate youth, earning more in a year than I likely will make in a lifetime, even military pension, book royalties and various book freelance fees all counting. And mine also to note that the rest of us are perfectly free to shift whatever interest we have in professional sports elsewhere. To gardening, or needlepoint, or whatever. Or maybe even getting out ourselves and exercising.

Series of mini-rants hereby concluded. Discussion welcome.

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  1. It’s been suggested that she has Parkinson’s. My uncle died of Parkinson’s several years ago, and he displayed all the same symptoms. I suggested to my wife this AM that a person of honor, given that diagnosis, would step aside. But her quest for power and money knows no bounds.

    I look forward to the debate. I know that multiple debates are scheduled, but I doubt there will be more than one. He’s going to chew her up and spit her out, and she’ll slither out of the other two.

  2. Amen Sarge to all the above. But I still keep hearing about someone named Lena Dunham. Never heard of her and don’t care care to find out.

    Colin Kapernick: just the latest Caper-prick by a has-been to gain some cred for a trade or something?? Muslim honey. Islam Bunny! This guy don’t know which way the sword swings but he thinks he is a swinger. He is trying to make friends with the wrong folks, both BLM and Islam, and he is neither. He will find out the hard way. Idiot.

  3. I agree Hillary is not well. I disagree on the marriage which to my mind is a classic “marriage of convenience.” They do seem to like each other at times and look more like co-conspirators than husband and wife. It certainly seems to have been an “open marriage,” as they say, but these are not that unusual in politics. Remember Gary Hart and his marriage ?

    Interesting that the Wiki article does not mention the fact that Hart described his marriage as “open” at the time of the scandal. They do seem to be still together.

    Kapernick’s Muslim girlfriend seems to be the source of his conversion. I hope the sex is good because he’s going to have a lot of time on his hands. My impression is that he is just not that intelligent. The NFL defenses adjusted to running quarterbacks after Kap and Wilson and the kid with the Redskins had good seasons. Wilson is smart enough to recognize defenses and has continued to do well. Robert Griffin was hurt and seems slow to recover. Kaepernick has been unable to cope with the shifting and disguised defenses and his career seems pretty much over.

    Maybe he was trying to cover for his failure or maybe he is sincere. Being stupid and being Muslim are not contradictory.

  4. It has become increasingly clear, as much as it truly pains me to say it, that the government of this country, as well as many states and municipalities, has degenerated into an ongoing criminal enterprise, whose major purpose is the enrichment and continuing legal immunity of the members of the permanent ruling coalition.

    The utter incompetence of the ruling elites is a testament to the fact that no other criterion for success in politics exists any longer except that of one’s willingness to engage in and/or countenance the complete corruption of everything that the state touches.

    This travesty of an election, offering the public a choice between two people who have never demonstrated any particular talent for, or allegience to, the lawful, constitutional operation of the government, is a symptom of a much deeper and foundationally corrosive problem.

    I do not believe that either candidate, nor the political factions they represent, have the intellectual or moral capacity to lead this nation through the perilous economic and political challenges that are rapidly approaching, as the blue social model collapses domestically, and the security arrangements based on American military superiority are abandoned internationally.

    The country is bankrupt, having expended its great treasure on counter-productive statist schemes to buy votes, and ill-considered and incompetently managed adventures internationally. The self-appointed ruling elites in the cultural, academic, and political segments of our society have abandoned any identification with, or sympathy for, the ordinary working citizens whose daily efforts are all that keeps this society functioning at all.

    The painful truth that so much of the current political nonsense is frantically trying to obscure is that a growing part of the citizenry no longer believes in the efficacy and legitimacy of our basic social institutions, and has no connection any longer to the philosophical foundations upon which our political and economic systems are built.

    The road which must be traveled to rectify this situation will be difficult and complex, requiring years of diligence and clarity of purpose. I hope it can be done. I’m thankful that I will probably be gone before the worst of it develops, but I regret leaving such a gruesome mess for my children and grandchildren to clean up.

    For most of the last century, we fought against various forms of authoritarian kleptocracy, and now, ironically, we have become that which we had so fiercely opposed.

    What a shame.

  5. The Niners tried to trade Kaepernick last spring, but no team would pay him more than backup money. His trade value had been sinking even before this anthem stunt, but now there’s nothing out there for him. It looks to me like he’s now trying to boost his multimedia value:


    Maybe he’s angling for a second act as a pop-culture social critic or something.

  6. Between what I have seen, and commentary from various medical people I know, who have dealt extensively with Parkinson’s patients; I believe that Hillary has Parkinson’s and has had it long enough to have the symptoms and side effects of prolonged Levadopa treatment. The “brain freezes”, staring, and gazing around are unmistakable. That only happens after years of Levadopa and are not curable. Cutting back on the Levadopa, means the tremor effects and dementia of the Parkinson’s get worse. Over stimulation or surprise/shock triggers the “brain freezes” and they become more and more common as the Levadopa becomes less and less effective and the side effects increase.

    I further believe that she has a neuro impairment from the admitted concussion she suffered that complicates things. Early in Parkinson’s there are falls, but the brain still has effective defensive reflexes so that you try to catch yourself and concussions are avoided. Later, those reflexes stop working. You are conscious as you fall, but cannot do anything about it. Neuro damage from a traumatic brain injury really does not heal.

    If I was the Trump campaign [noting that I am not a nice person], I would put out a casting call for Monica Lewinsky clone young women, and seed them in Hillary’s rallies or at one of the debates wearing blue dresses. Just to watch her vapor-lock.

    In addition, there are other indications of further medical problems which interact. When you get older [I am not far behind Hillary in age] things do not heal, and as more things go wrong they exacerbate each other.

    IN RE: Kaepernick

    There are reports that the Seattle Seahawks are going to join Kaepernick’s protest of the National Anthem for the first game of the season, which happens to fall on the 15th anniversary of 9/11. I grant that I am not an NFL fan. I dealt with drunken Broncos fans back when they had vertically striped socks. San Francisco turned into a Leftist hellhole deliberately and now Kaepernick reflects their true feelings. If Seattle joins them, all I can hope for is for all the franchises to collapse due to fan disgust.

  7. all the franchises to collapse due to fan disgust.

    They know their markets. There will be no fan disgust. Except in flyover country. Bubba needs to break the football habit and stop watching.

  8. Hillary’s starting to remind me a little of Charlton Heston at the end of ‘El Cid’: she might as well be a dead general strapped into the saddle of her horse for all it matters. Obama, Hillary, Howdy Doody, Rex the Wonder Dog…. Obama and Clinton are obvious surrogates for George Soros–all of whose noxious and destructive ideas they have been paid to enact in the last 8 years—and left and right sell-outs will continue to follow his siren song until Soros and his creatures are subdued or destroyed. Destroyed, preferably.

    It doesn’t matter who the Democrats run; they are all interchangeable ideologues, and they all work for the same guy.

    George Soros is the one who’s really running for president in 2016.

  9. Sgt. Mom:

    Virtually all of it.

    For a shocking eye-opener, read David Horowitz’ book, “The Shadow Party: How George Soros, Hillary Clinton, and Sixties Radicals Seized Control of the Democratic Party.” It was written in 2007, but you can see that every policy Soros backs in order to destroy the United States and change the world according to his mad vision has been enacted and promoted by Obama and Clinton over the last several years. Were there a few correspondences between Soros’ ideas and their policies, one might attribute it to coincidence. The correspondence is virtually 100%; there is no coincidence. Obama and Clinton have been given a list of things Soros wants, and they have done them all: breaking the borders, enabling the Islamic terrorists, etc.

    That’s why the administration’s actions have appeared so irrational and foreign to us; because they do not at all correspond to the average citizen’s concerns. The truth is that George Soros is the head of what is now called the Democrat Party, but the average person has no idea. It is Soros’ party, Soros’ State Department, and Soros’ presidency.

    Every American should read it.


  10. How does living in a post scarcity world and one of impressive medical strides impact our culture? They may appall us, but can we say the changes in attitude and belief that are so prevalent among the young are as destructive now as they would have been a hundred years ago? Every post WWII generation has been increasingly cocooned and seemingly more infantilized and feminized from the viewpoint of this senior born in 1947 Humboldt Park. There is an old , as far as I know uncorroborated statistic, that even in America, if you were born in 1900, you had a 50/50 chance of being an orphan before you were five years old. In addition to uncertainty and the daily grind to feed, clothe, and keep yourself warm, there was always the potential for sudden tragedy. Loss, pain, and grief were a constant for almost everyone, regardless of status or wealth. Contrast that to today, in a world where there may be a 5 generation picture on the mantel.
    We evolved big brains capable of making life and death decisions in milliseconds. Compared to most of human history, many people, who live in the west, are fairly coddled, living pretty safe, secure, and uneventful lives, could it be, even empty lives? Is opening your electric bill or driving on icy streets the most exciting thing you do? Maybe many folks crave drama and that is why media revolves around melodrama, and all this huge investment in faux outrage is a pathetic substitute for real life survival perogatives.
    “Aldous Huxley, another smart Brit, got a lot right about the future. In Brave New World, the Savage eventually kills himself rather than conform to the dull stability of the World State.”

    Or , maybe just self destructs?

    Maybe the folks who were brain washed to value self actualization and all those middle class values like accomplishment, independence, self discipline, family life, fairness, accountability, saving, postponement of gratification, civic mindedness……….and contributing to the economic pie, are the odd men out. It’s apparent that the political class and their minions don’t have a clear vision of how the world will work as much of what is counted as labor is devalued or an economy that is not driven by scarcity in food or consumer products and security. I don’t know that my views are particularly coherent or complete but surely we realize that post WWII, the dramatic change that has impacted culture is in part, driven by technology, and not evil doers.

  11. From A Canticle for Leibowitz by Walter Miller (1959):

    … children of Merlin, chasing a gleam. Children, too, of Eve, forever building Edens–and kicking them apart in berserk fury because somehow it isn’t the same.

    The closer men came to perfecting themselves a paradise, the more impatient they seemed to become with it, and with themselves as well. They made a garden of pleasure, and became progressively more miserable with it as it grew in richness and power and beauty; for then, perhaps, it was easier for them to see that something was missing in the garden, some tree or shrub that would not grow. When the world was in darkness and wretchedness, it could believe in perfection and yearn for it. But when the world became bright with reason and riches, it began to sense the narrowness of the needle’s eye, and that rankled for a world no longer willing to believe or yearn.

  12. I am in the realignment camp. I think Trump people don’t give a rats a$$ about Reps and Dems or Libs and Cons. I also see this as a Globalist vrs Nationalist battle, just as I see two economies in America. One includes small, midsize, and regional businesses that engage in real capitalism and competition and then there are the multinational mega corps that are corporatist and transnational. Under Crony Capitalism, sectors that are favored, subsidized and or protected by government (bailouts, the revolving door between regulators and corporations) or who benefit from government imposed high fixed costs, undermine smaller competitors. I have no doubt that the Mandarin class would sell the Bill of Rights, and American sovereignty down the river for a buck, or for their own self aggrandizement. They see the Middle as an impediment. As for me, I am an American; I want to live in America, not Sweden or Brazil North, or some transnational flop house.
    I confess to not understanding the handwringing over Trump. The ability to ASSES AND MANAGE RISK, to take a project from a vision to a reality, to pitch the concept and negotiate the financing, to get the most out of assets and resources, to coordinate hundreds of operations, to manage thousands of employees or sub contractors, to coordinate JIT labor and materials, to navigate the mine field of POLITICAL AND GOVERNMENTAL OBSTRUCTION, to market the end product, to accomplish a goal on time and on budget requires some smarts, including street smarts, not to mention energy and focus. I will take a doer over a GLIB wonk any day.
    Food for thought, where would the Middle be today, if our betters had their way regarding energy costs?

  13. ” I will take a doer over a GLIB wonk any day.”

    I was born in 1938 and left home at age 18, never to live there again.

    I have watched a lot of this happen. Some of it in my children who I raised in prosperity but who mostly were exposed to work pretty early. My two younger daughters both had jobs in high school. My younger son was a Fire Explorer Scout at 17 and saw his first dead person in a grass fire after a drunk driver went off the road and crashed. Joe was fighting the grass fire and slid down a hill in the mud coming face to face with a dead woman the drunk driver had forgotten was in his car. That was 30 years ago and he is a fireman/engineer who will take the captain’s exam soon.

    My two oldest are lawyers and did not have work experience young. They are both lefties.

    These days, illegal aliens take all the low wage jobs teenagers used to get.

    Another factor is small families, I think. Kids are more sheltered. I was one of only two but my father was one of 10 and his father was one of 12. Women now have all their eggs in one basket, so to speak. My two sons are more protective of their children than my parents were of me. My three daughters have no children.

    The social changes may be a result of several factors. One is the Pill. It freed women from fear of pregnancy and abortion has carried that farther. The negative seems to me to be that boys now expect sex very early in any relationship. The whole boy/girl thing seems distorted to the point that pornography has become (it seems) an alternative to real relationships.

    Anyway, I am not unhappy that I will not be here for the worst of what I think is a grim future. I hope America 3.0 happens but I think it will be a rough ride first.

    I began as very skeptical of Trump and said so here. I now think he is our only chance. In this cynical age it is hard to think anyone has virtuous motives but maybe, just maybe, he wants to give back for his success.

    In 2012, I thought Romney was our only chance for a soft landing and I still think so. Trump will be a rough landing but Hillary is disaster.

  14. I think Hillary is ill but don’t know if it is Parkinson’s.

    I had a friend get severe Parkinson’s at an early age (about 65) and his speech was severely affected in spite of LDOPA. I am certainly not an authority on Parkinson’s.

    The head trauma she had suggests the possibility of alcoholism and I could see that.

    I just don’t know. I do think she is the most corrupt person to get this close to the presidency since Aaron Burr.

  15. Dearieme, I wonder if you have ever considered what might have happened had Edward VIII not resigned and left to marry Ms Simpson?

    What would Britain have done with Hitler ? I believe he was considered Nazi sympathetic and that is a reason why he was exiled to Bermuda.

    My next post considers what the Hillary-Putin relationship might really be.

  16. He abdicated under pressure from the UK government and the Dominion governments. What they would have done had he declined to abdicate I don’t know. They might even have set about revising the Act of Settlement. You have to remember that who is monarch of the UK is in the hands of the UK Parliament. The Dominions might or might not have chosen to follow the UK policy.

    As for Nazi Germany his sympathies, such as they were, might have evaporated. He abdicated in 1936 when it was still reasonable to hope that Hitler was a Bismarck. It wasn’t obvious that he was a Napoleon until his invasion of rump Czechoslvakia in 1939.

    Again, it’s worth remembering that in 1936 the (UK) government was attempting a rather cautious re-armament; “cautious” because of public disquiet. The main opposition party, Labour, was split mainly between disarmers and outright pacifists; its custom for years was to vote against the annual defence estimates i.e. the sums to be spent of defence. One of the leading Labour men, Stafford Cripps, in a public speech urged the end to recruitment to the armed forces, and that it would not necessarily matter if Britain were conquered by Germany. If Britain were pushed into war he hoped the the workers would revolt, which would result in the fall of the capitalist [i.e. British] government. In 1937 Labour began to weaken on disarmament and pacifism, motivated mainly by the Spanish Civil War. So that year they only abstained on the Defence Estimates rather than voting against. Their previous leader, George Lansbury, had however visited Hitler on the 19th of April to negotiate with him personally, and went on to boast of his success. Hitler, he said, would not go to war unless pushed into it by others.

    Even after Hitler bagged the Sudetenland in 1938 Labour’s policy called for collective security through the League of Nations. In November 1938 Labour’s official line was that ‘war was not the alternative’ at the time of the Munich crisis. In April 1939 Labour was still opposed to compulsory military training for young men, and opposed to conscription; the policy was reaffirmed in May at the annual Party Conference. They also demanded that military guarantees be extended to the USSR, as ‘Moscow is a custodian of peace’. On September first Germany invaded Poland. On September second, Labour at last agreed to stop opposing conscription.

    That’s the background to Edward VIII’s views on Hitler. Might he have changed them? God knows; but if he did he presumably couldn’t have changed them any more slowly than did His Majesty’s Loyal Opposition.

  17. It appears Hillary Cinton suffered a health collapse at the 9/11/2001 memorial today in NYC.

    See instapundit for the latest.

  18. Edward’s attitude toward Hitler. Hind sight is 20/20. I thought Edward’s attitude was commonplace and in keeping with the Elites of the day. Aren’t today’s dreary handwringers always going on about Charles Lindbergh and Prescott Bush ad nauseum. I can’t blame anyone for trying to look the other way in the 30s given the hit taken by able bodied demographic as a result of WWI. FWIW, I was always taught that a lot of Europe was generally sympathetic to the Nazi message; it was the German messenger that they objected to. That leaves me with two questions. Aside from Churchill, with some help from the Ministry of Defense, and a few French generals, who was ringing the alarm bells in the mid thirties? Were any of them prominent figures in the USA? Were Hitler’s economic successes impressive and real or propaganda?

  19. Weebles Wobble, and sometimes fall down.

    Just sent this summary of Hillary’s adventure at Ground Zero this morning to my email list about 10 minutes ago. I offer it here, and hope that MK will comment on the medical aspects.

    As an update:

    1) She is claimed to have overheated. At 0930 hrs. at Ground Zero, it was 75 degrees and 44% humidity. That is considered to be an optimum temperature, and no one else has had any problem.

    2) Passing out from “overheating” is a vasovagal response. In a vasovagal response, ALL muscles go slack. Her head should have flopped to one side or another. It stayed upright and straight, implying this was more a neuro problem. I still suspect “on-off” reaction from the long term L-Dopa therapy syndrome which is part of the normal sequalae of the treatment of Parkinson’s.

    3) Here is the video of it:


    There is talk that Youtube may take it down because . . . “hateful”. But if they do, the Brit DAILY MAIL has it.

    4) Note that she was leaning on the street bollard and being held up. From the moment that she started moving, she started to fall out and face plant. She was caught by her SS staff and her Dr. Morrell. Legs were not working. She was hauled forward and may have face planted in the Suburban. She lost a shoe, later recovered by NYPD. There are comments that they recovered it so that one of the ruby slippers would not fall into the wrong hands.

    5) I have seen one picture of her walking to that bollard she was leaning against. Seems to be walking upright, but her left hand is pressed against her chest. This was used as the basis for Twitter speculation of a heart attack. I don’t buy that, but a standard coping mechanism for the hand and arm tremors of Parkinson’s is to press the hand against the chest, and she has been seen doing that repeatedly. I suspect that she knew she was falling out, and fighting the tremors as she retreated.

    6) OK, she is 69 years old. And a Grandma. If a 69 year old Grandma in your family fell out like that, from overheating or anything else, where would you take them? They took Hillary to Chelsea’s Manhattan apartment. Granting that a doctor could be on call, but in a case like this, y’all are going to want to run a bunch of tests right smartly to rule out more difficult problems. You are going to want a lab, and that means a hospital. The SS staff, and Dr. Morrell acted like it was a drill they had been through plenty of times before.

    7) Scott Adams [the guy who did the Dilbert cartoons] is also a PR and management specialist. And in passing a trained hypnotist. His blog has been eerily accurate through the primaries to date. Here is what he says.


    8) Even the State-controlled media is now talking seriously about her health problems, although it is causing some to invert themselves because they have spent the last week attacking the hateful, haters, who hate Hillary and are bringing up the DISTRACTION of her health. I note that I have heard that both her doctor and her taxidermist have said she is in great shape.

    9) If she goes Tango Uniform, it is late enough to get . . . interesting in the Chinese sense. The parties are in charge of naming replacements if they lose a candidate, but they are constrained by the laws of the 50 states, who actually control the voting. Deadlines have passed, ballots have been printed, early voting ballots in some states are already out. If the Democrats pull another Torricelli and replace the candidate in violation of black letter law, have it imposed by a Federal court claiming jurisdiction over all states’ voting processes, by decree, by the Department of Homeland Security claiming control of the election process as they have threatened, or Obama postponing the election by decree [all of which would have no opposition by the GOP]; then the burning times may begin.

  20. Who is “Dr Morrell ?”

    Is that the big black guy with the syringe ? I have been wondering who he is. At the August rally when she froze in front of protestors, he seemed to be in charge of SS as well.

    Video here.

    The syringe is seen in the other link. Autoject 2 is a possibility but it isn’t black like the one he was holding.

    This story is not going away.

    Another topic”

    Were Hitler’s economic successes impressive and real or propaganda?

    I think there is a school thought that his economy was not survivable without a successful war.

    There is an old joke about a German man who worked in a bicycle factory. He decided to steal the parts to make his own bicycle but every time he put it togther, it turned out to be a machine gun.

  21. Mike K:

    On my email list, we refer to the unidentified Black staffer [not SS] as Dr. Morrell. As in Dr. Theodor Morrell, who was referred to as the “Reichs Injection Minister” because he constantly shot Hitler up with massive vitamin and methedrine injections. Sorry, that was an in joke on my list I did not clarify.

    There are UNCONFIRMED reports that he is:

    Oladotun A. Okunola, M.D.

    Dr. Okunola joins the prestigious Neurology group, Neuroscience Center of Northern New Jersey, to provide a variety of specialized care. He specializes in epilepsy, clinical neurophysiology, and sleep medicine.

    Dr. Okunola completed medical school at Howard University College of Medicine. He stayed and completed his internship and neurology residency at Howard University Hospital, Washington, DC. He received fellowship training in epilepsy and clinical neurophysiology at Georgetown University Hospital, Washington, DC. He also completed a sleep medicine fellowship at Norwalk Hospital, Connecticut.

    As part of his fellowship training in clinical neurophysiology/epilepsy, he focused on intraoperative and epilepsy monitoring; EEG and EMG. As a sleep specialist, he diagnoses and treats sleep related disorders such as daytime sleepiness (hypersomnolence), insomnia, narcolepsy, obstructive, central, and complex sleep apnea, etc.

    Dr. Okunola is board-certified in both adult neurology and clinical neurophysiology. He is a diplomate of the American Board of Neurology.

    The picture that sometimes accompanies that blurb does look like a younger version of “Dr. Morrell”, but I am not vouching for it.

    They are now admitting that Hillary has pneumonia.


    From what I know, the leading cause of death for Parkinson’s Disease victims is recurrent aspiration pneumonia due to loss of control of the swallow reflex . . . which causes constant coughing and aspiration.

  22. How long does it take to recover from pneumonia? I wonder if this will be her excuse to duck out of the debates. The way she looked today, she won’t be able to stand at a podium.

  23. They’re not “admitting” she has pneumonia. They’re claiming she does. There’s no reason to believe them on anything related to her health at this point.

    In their desperation they just admitted that she is seriously ill (pneumonia is a big freaking deal, especially for an old woman) and that they keep her health secret (they claim she was diagnosed a few days ago).

  24. Mike K when did the term “overheating” replace the term “fever.” Aren’t they the same? If I have a high fever, I’m certainly “overheated.”

  25. If they knew she had pneumonia why did they have her standing around for an hour and a half? Whatever she’s got they must have gambled that their filling her with meds would keep her upright for a couple of hours. The gamble failed.

  26. This day is like a usual Clinton scandal sped up by a factor of 100. Each lie gets more and more ridiculous, and yet the press treats each one as if it’s 100% accurate, despite zero verification, and that it proves how awesome the Clintons are and how awful Republicans are, and the very presence of all the previous lies is forgotten about. I fully expect that in a few days after the pneumonia-causes-complete-lack-of-body-control-but-then-total-recovery-in-90-minutes-at-daughter’s-house story becomes more and more untenable they’ll be telling us that she just has a minor case of polio and she’s already fully recovered and that it’s amazing that she was campaigning so hard with polio and did you know FDR had polio and Republicans are just the worst.

  27. I bet the sickness will take her basket of deplorables off the news. Four strange dots that may be, or not, connected: 1.] she is diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday.; 2.] that evening she does her rant against her basket of deplorables; 3.] her rant stirs up a shit storm the next day on Saturday; 4.] Sunday she has her “fainting incident” and instead of going to a hospital, she ends up at the medical ward of Chelsea’s apartment. Do you suppose there is something fishy here?

  28. That scene of her emerging from the apartment building (with Eleana running up to her?) was another of those classic, raised middle finger moments. The big witch doctor running up to the podium, the fall that precluded her from testifying and a forty year long resume of malingering, lying, conning is just another act.

    Another act from this classically trained Alinskyite.

    There had to have been three dozen ambulances parked around that event, on call should any of the VIP attendees fallen ill. Had any of us exhibited such behavior we’d have been whisked away immediately to the nearest ER, even had we protested otherwise. Loaded in a van and taken to an apartment building?

    Let her be assured of escaping accountability and justice, let her get a whiff of victory, and you will see a reinvigorated and ruthless Dragon Lady emerge the likes of which have not been seen in modern times.

    She ain’t no ways tired.

  29. And now the claim is that, like, tons of people on her staff got pneumonia recently. It’s totally going around everywhere.

    OK, so then why was she out in public if she’s got a highly contagious respiratory disease? And why when she lost complete body control did she get rushed to an apartment with small children present? And why was her first pitiful coverup centered around close public contact with a small child?

    It’s typical Clinton/MSM absurdity–each lie is treated as if it’s the total, unverified truth, and all previous lies are totally forgotten, even though the overall chain of stories and behavior makes absolutely zero sense at all.

  30. Legacy of presidential coverups

    History reveals an astounding list of hidden truths when it comes to the health of the commander in chief. One of the most unusual was Grover Cleveland’s 1893 coverup of his oral cancer surgery. He smuggled a surgeon and his team onto a friend’s yacht to remove a tumor from the roof of his mouth. Cleveland emerged from his “fishing trip” a week later. No one knew what had happened for nearly a quarter-century.
    Woodrow Wilson had suffered several strokes while he was serving as president of Princeton, years before he ran for president, said Post, the author who also serves as professor of psychiatry, political psychology and international affairs at George Washington University. Never did Wilson reveal his medical history to voters, Post said.
    In 1919, while campaigning for the Treaty of Versailles, “he suffered a massive stroke, but they concealed it and just said he was under the weather and no one was informed,” Post said. “So we’ve already had the first woman president, his wife Edith. In fact, she was to have said, ‘I don’t know why you men make such a fuss, I had no trouble running the country while Woody was sick.'”
    Decades later, “the most important event was the death of Franklin Roosevelt, back in 1945,” said Boston University’s Annas. While the public knew Franklin Delano Roosevelt was wheelchair-bound due to polio when he ran for the fourth time, they did not know he had advanced heart disease and hypertension, which is believed to have contributed to the cerebral hemorrhage that killed him months into his final term.
    “The idea of a president dying in office from a disease he knew he had before he ran for election or re-election doesn’t sit quite right with most people,” Annas said.

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