9 thoughts on “Steven Den Beste, RIP”

  1. Awww. damn! He was one of those brilliant, original thinkers – I knew when he gave up posting on Clueless that he was not in good health and that producing posts for it was a very heavy burden for him … but this is such a loss for us.
    Ave, SDB. You are missed, and have been missed.

  2. He used to comment at Instapundit, too. We’ve lost a fine mind and there are too few of those not to mourn.

  3. Well I can’t claim to have driven him to anime blogging, but I did try.

    I guess the highest compliment I can pay him, is I did think he was dangerous.

    RIP Steven

  4. “I did think he was dangerous.”

    What a compliment ! I hope I can qualify for the same. Little chance of it, though.

  5. He told a story once about where his last name came from. He said that the Dutch generally didn’t have last names. I don’t recall how they were identified way back when but they didn’t have actual last names. So one day, the government decides everyone must have a last name. The Dutch, being semi-German (or that’s my theory, at any rate) started picking a lot of scatological crap (sorry) to make funny names, not thinking that their descendants would be stuck with these names forever. But Steven’s ancestor was smarter than the rest and so picked the last name of “the Best.”

    For the longest time after he stopped posting at USS Clueless, I would go back and look and hope for something. I guess I finally deleted the bookmark but he was one of my three introductions to the blogosphere, along with Instapundit and Little Green Footballs. And that’s how a career in time-wasting was born.

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