Blog Changes

I removed the Google ads and WordPress search window and substituted Google and Amazon search windows at the top of the blog. The Google ads generated a trickle of revenue but otherwise didn’t do much for the blog. The new Google search window works better for searching the blog than did the one from WordPress, and lets you search the Web too. And we all use Amazon. I hope that these new features improve the blog, and if you use them I will make a few bucks which will help to keep me off the streets.

10 thoughts on “Blog Changes”

  1. Um, Jon exactly how do you make your money on “the streets”?

    Seriously, 4 to 6%? That’s a very good thing. And, if you’re not joshing us, I can’t see an Amazon or Google portal.

  2. I will certainly buy here the next time I order anything from Amazon.

    And from what I understand, I would also help to search for stuff from the Google search in the site also.

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