Capitalism’s Friends & Foes in the Ivy Halls

It’s hard to believe, but education could be worse.  According to Stefan Thiel’s “Philosophy of Failure,” at Foreign Policy, it is in Europe.  Of course, what we predict about economics there may have all the validity of the predictions for the Democratic primary in New Hampshire.  Nonetheless, indoctrinating youth on the evils of capitalism can hardly seem a useful approach to increasing the EU’s economic vitality.  On the other hand, my daughter in high school has come home from her first week in economics.  So far, they have discussed the importance of job creation, the problems with Keynes, and watched a Stossel documentary.  I don’t know her teacher and know we are fly-over, rather than trendy.  But in passing, that teacher is likely to energize and make responsible youth who need that advice.  And it seems better sense than her nutrition teacher’s “Super Size Me.”