Taking a Democrat Ballot

I am a Republican but I am going to take a D ballot.

I am going to vote for Obama in Illinois.

I think the GOP candidates are pretty much a wash. I like Romney a little better than McCain, but I think McCain has a little better chance of winning. This year is about damage control, not about getting anything I really want. On that basis, I can live with either of the GOP candidates. So taking a GOP ballot is not important.

But stopping Hillary and her husband, whom I consider to be dangerous and bad people, is very important.

If Obama wins the nomination, it should finish off the Clintons in national politics. At least it will neutralize them for a long time.

I think the Democrats are pretty much going to win in 2008.

If I have to have the smart and malign Hillary in there, or the naive but probably well-intentioned Obama, give me Obama.

Stop Hillary: Vote Obama.

16 thoughts on “Taking a Democrat Ballot”

  1. As far as I am concerned, the choice between Hillary and Hussein, is a choice between cancer and polio*.

    First it is best to keep in mind that they are both left-wing socialists.

    It is true that Husein would need on the job training and would like Kennedy (Bay of Pigs, Berlin Wall) and Clinton (Somalia, WTC-93), make some horrendous mistakes.

    But the Clintons’ real experience is in graft, corruption and lying. The damage they would do would be as bad or worse.

    *”Salt Of The Earth” by Mick Jagger & Keith Richards.

    Lets drink to the hard working people
    Lets drink to the lowly of birth
    Raise your glass to the good and the evil
    Lets drink to the salt of the earth


    Raise your glass to the hard working people
    Lets drink to the uncounted heads
    Lets think of the wavering millions
    Who need leaders but get gamblers instead

    Spare a thought for the stay-at-home voter
    His empty eyes gaze at strange beauty shows
    And a parade of the gray suited grafters
    A choice of cancer or polio

  2. You make my point Robert: None of our choices are good ones this year. Seize the thorny branch, say I. Go hard for damage control, without illusions and without false hope.

    I think the choice between Clinton and Obama is more accurately a choice between an acute and a chronic disease. The acute disease, Obama, should be episodic and over once it is over. The Clintons are like a lingering illness we cannot kick. This is a chance to shake it.

    Good Stones quote. As great as most people think they are, they are actually greater than most people realize.

  3. Huh, I think I kind of agree. Plus, there is that whole Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton thing which totally creeps me out. Not so into the dynasty thing…..it can’t be healthy.

  4. If nothing else, a vote for Obama will reduce Clinton’s mandate if she is eventually elected. If the delegate count is close at the convention, it may force Clinton to rely on superdelgates or other shenanigans that might cripple her Democrat support in the fall.

    Obama vs Hillary does seem like a tradeoff between nice and incompetent (or inexperienced) versus mean and competent. Sigh.

  5. Golly and I thought we had problems. Well, we do but nothing like that. Possibly because election is not due till 2010 for all sorts of reasons, which will give Gordon Brown lots of time to destroy some more of this country.

  6. “I thought we had problems.”

    At least we are not being annexed in slow motion by Belgium, of all things.

    We may yet see a GOP victory, which will really be a bit of undeserved good fortune.

    Ha. In my dreams.

    I just hope we can take out Hillary tomorrow.

  7. When Hillary! is crushed by McCain in November, THAT will end her & Bill’s influence forever. If she loses the nomination, she & Bill will work behind the scenes to sabotage Obama (who will have a tough time beating McCain, despite the MSM & internet fascincation with him) and then will be able to say “See, you should have nominated me!” and be guaranteed the nomination in 2012.

  8. I think Lex is right that this is the last grab by the Clintons – at some point they just go off into irrelevance like Jimmy Carter; better sooner than later.

    A caution though: the ballot is almost a sacred instrument. I learned the hard way not to ever mark a ballot for a candidate I could not stomach. In the ’70’s the Georgia Republicans got the bright idea to cross over and vote in the Dem primary for the racist Lester Maddox for Governor, on the premise that he would be the easier Dem for Bo Callaway to beat in the Fall… it took LOTS of practice before I could utter “Governor Mattox”. (Who absolutely routed Callaway).

  9. Lex feels McCain it will be much better to have McCain as president.
    I, on the other hand, don’t see much difference. Hillary is smarter, I suspect.

    I reckon that rewarding the left wing of the R. party will only encourage it and make it stronger while moving the D. party even further to the left.

    If you have two rats, each about the same size and disposition, and one rat is in your house while the other is outside your house which rat would you do away with if you had to choose? Or, put another way, which rat would you feed if you had to choose one of them? We Regan- dems left the old (Democratic) house because it was so infested; If we move again it might be interesting to see where it will be to. Of course it’s all moot if the outside rat wins in November.

    (Ha, Lex will feel mighty peculiar if buys into this and votes for Hillary later in the year!)

  10. Lex — I think I agree with you that Obama would be the “slightly lesser” of two evils as president, but how about as candidate?

    I remember you’re saying quite a while ago (years, maybe) that Hillary would be hard to beat in ’08, but do you still think she’ll be harder to beat than Obama?

    Obama ought to be easier to beat because there’s just nothing to that guy. He says nothing. He’s the Emperor’s New Candidate. But is America going to wake up and realize that come fall?

    My sense is Hillary would be easier to beat. Aside from the effect she’d have in rallying the conservative base (even around McCain), I don’t know if she really sells to the mushy middle: she’s scary looking and her voice is nails on the chalkboard.

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