14 thoughts on “Who Obama Reminds Me Of”

  1. Not working for me…Obama has a great list of accomlishments under his belt for one so young and to demean a serious contender for the presidency just evades what the “better” choices are available. McCain,for example,cannot be pinned down because his positions change weekly.

    The American public at this juncture seems to feel that just about anyone is preferred to what we have at present.

  2. Obama claimed in the debate last night that army riflemen company was split up and not equipped.

    So one of his clear accomplishments is his ability to lie during debates.

  3. I amunableto comment on the brief comment you made. I am not sure what is meant in your summary of what Obama might have said. I did not watch the debates so I would need to see a quoted passage. I am not sure what ils meant in “army riflemen company split up etc etc”

  4. I had just come across this fromGlenn’s Instapundit,and it seems to deal with the claims against Obama
    as you can see,the comments etc are mixed as to what Obama has said.
    I have also included my own comment at this site.

  5. At 6:00pm this evening (Friday),Jamie Macintyre of CNN presented his fact checking of the Obama story He was in touch with the officer that Obama was citing.Though Obama erred in some understanding of what the officer had said,the officer said that Obama was pretty accurate in recounting what he had told Obama. And,he said, it was true.Further,he said he was angry at the time and now, years later, is still bitter.In sum: careful investigation shows Obama did not lie.Every statement made by Obama was given and cmpared to what the officer (then a Lt and now a captain) had said.

  6. The story is a fraud

    Summary http://mypetjawa.mu.nu/archives/191388.php

    “Tapper called the “Captain” and asked him to verify his own story.

    How, exactly, is it “verifying” anything by simply asking the same source if his story is true? This isn’t the testimony of one source verifying the testimony of another source. This is two people reporting the testimony of a single source!”


    ** Conclusion: It’s a Lie. The story holds no weight and that is why the captain remains anonymous. If there was any truth here the captain should come out of the shadows to correct the situation. Unless he is a heartless b*stard who does not care about the safety of his men, he would do this.
    He won’t.

  7. If one disregards the fact that he’s a socialist it’s amazing how many small, negative, but not-disqualifying-in-themselves aspects there are about BHO as a candidate.

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