7 thoughts on ““Hey, Google. . .””

  1. It nows gives Trump’s age. Probably occurred when one of Google’s numerous “resistance” idiots thought they were being clever.

  2. Putting the question in quotes, the first site DuckDuckGo shows is usa(dot)gov/presidents: Presidents, Vice Presidents, and First Ladies of the United …; the second site: Barack Obama – Wikipedia.

  3. When I type in 2020 presidential election it returns pictures of Democrats, articles about Democrats, and some ostensibly neutral polling website called iSideWith.com. It’s still early in the game, but the GOP is currently shut out of that search.

  4. In Canada, Google returned B.O.

    But I usually use DuckDuckGo and it served up proper replies. :)

  5. I wouldn’t necessarily assume this is malicious though the lack of correction might be. Part of the ranking of any result from these search engines is the number of times previous searches have clicked on the link. After 8 years ‘President Obama’ has a lot more clicks than ‘President Trump’.

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