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  • ChicagoBoyz Waiting Room Series 17

    Posted by Dan from Madison on November 27th, 2018 (All posts by )


    4 Responses to “ChicagoBoyz Waiting Room Series 17”

    1. Jonathan Says:

      I hope you weren’t there to buy annuities.

    2. Brian Says:

      Did we ever resolve whether these posts are open threads?
      If so, remember how a bit over a year ago a guy tried to kill several hundred people in Vegas and they never told us why, or ever showed a single picture of him during his stay despite casinos having cameras everywhere, and remember how ISIS said he was one of theirs and we were told not to believe it because they totally always do that even though there are roughly zero examples of that?
      In probably more trivial news, isn’t it kind of odd that the feds sent Whitey Bulger to certain death a couple weeks ago?

    3. Grurray Says:

      Annuities are Ok if you can be reasonably sure you that you will live a long time – lifestyle habits, family and health history, etc – and you don’t want to deal with the complexities of investment portfolios. In one sense, they may be good for your health because you have to stay alive to get your money’s worth. If not, they can be considered another form of insurance.

    4. ETat Says:

      Is NY Life actually in NY? D, you came over and never said hello?

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