Too Much Fun

LGF is having way too much fun finding crazies in Barack Obama’s blog community. It looks like it was inspired by Daily Kos’s community of like-minded progressives, where everyone gets his own little sublease to part of the real estate. The problem is that Obama’s campaign has attracted all kinds of crazies. The people running and moderating the little bloglets are way out of their depth; they don’t catch some of the real poisonous things until Charles or one of his lizard minions finds it and publicizes it. Shortly after, the offending blog is removed and the archives are deleted.

Maybe it’s unfair to judge a candidate by his supporters. If it were just one or two, I might go along with that. In this case, though, there is a whole ward of drooling loonies who think Obama is their kind of guy, and Obama’s campaign furnishes them with a soapbox and a microphone.

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  1. In the U.S. today, anti-Israel opinion…and outright driven very largely by the “progressive” movement. This web debacle is one more piece of evidence.

  2. Did you read the LGF article where CJ found a PDF of a poster that said one of the things Obama will do is to prosecuate war criminals if he wins office?

    Who do you suppose the war criminals are to Obama?

  3. Oh! poster goes up so we know this is what Obama will do? wow.
    fact: there are loonies on both sides of the blogging aise. Just check out the Right and the Left bloggers. This happens now because the internet has created a whole new way of yelling out beliefs–nol longer is controlled and run by main stream media–but the, isn’t this what democracy is about? letting folks have their say?

  4. 1) It’s “LGF”

    2) Hey Fred. This isn’t some lefty cesspool we’re talking about here. This is the Obama campaign’s official web site. Whether they deserve it or not, they’re going to be judged on every single thing that gets posted on their site. Even the stuff that’s planted by right wing “loonies”. So they need to keep better control over it. Most internet message board and blogging software packages come with moderation tools. The Obama campaign has plenty of money, they should pay someone to screen the content.

    Either that, or they should pull the “my” Obama blogging site altogether. That would be the easiest and most cost-efficient way to control what message they’re publishing.

  5. Fred Lapidies,

    …isn’t this what democracy is about? letting folks have their say?

    No one is suggesting otherwise. However, they are asking whether the support of self-described Marxist, communist and socialist tells us something about Obama. After all, as the old saying goes, know a man by his enemies. The fact that these radical leftist with a long track record of oppression and murder do not see Obama as an enemy is revealing.

  6. D’oh! I was trying so hard (and failing) to make the image stay still when I put the mouse over it that I missed the typo.

    As far as the idea that these My Obama blogs are all the sinister doings of agents provocateurs from the VWRC, well, you would have to be a 9-11 Truther to believe that.

  7. “Maybe it’s unfair to judge a candidate by his supporters.”

    Nope. the supporters and the relative number of their factions are the true voice of the candidate. Everything the candidate says, by comparison, is a political promise–words designed to manipulate and deceive to achieve a goal: political authority. The only people who interpret the candidate’s message correctly are those who sign onto the campaign. The followers are the ones to whom the candidate owes real allegiance (in contrast to those whom the candidate made promises). Candidates do represent their followers.

    Measuring the followers is the most accurate way to know what a candidate will do in office.

    As for me, since I believe in do-nothing governments, I vote the candidate whose followers harass me the least, figuring that those motivated enough to persuade demand my vote will be motivated enough to pass laws I don’t want.


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