Vote Fraud may determine the 2020 election.

The Democrat Party has been perfecting their techniques of voter fraud for many years. In 1960, the presidential election was determined by vote fraud in Chicago and Texas. Chicago has a long history of stolen elections. It is a joke to many Chicago residents but Chicago determines Illinois’ electoral votes.

Chicago is famous for its history of people voting from the grave and for helping President John F. Kennedy “steal” the 1960 election. (JFK beat Richard Nixon by 9,000 votes in Illinois by capturing what some considered a suspiciously high 450,000 advantage in Cook County.)

Officials insist voter fraud has largely disappeared in Chicago, but Donald Trump, the Republican presidential candidate, has said voter fraud and “horrendous” things happen in Chicago.

The city’s election history is even crazier than most people realize, though, with Republican feuds leading to homes being bombed and names being stolen from tombstones just to get extra votes for the “Democratic Machine.”

Texas was just as bad in the days when it was run by Democrats. San Antonio was particularly famous as a corrupt fief of George Parr, a political boss. Lyndon Johnson used his influence with that boss to win the Senate election of 1948 and the presidential election of 1960.

A study of Lyndon B. Johnson provides new evidence that the 36th President stole his first election to the United States Senate, in 1948.

It has been alleged for years that Johnson captured his Senate seat through fraud, but Mr. Caro goes into great detail to tell how the future President overcame a 20,000-vote deficit to achieve his famous 87-vote victory in the 1948 Democratic runoff primary against a former Governor, Coke Stevenson. A South Texas political boss, George Parr, had manufactured thousands of votes, Mr. Caro found.

In 1960, Lyndon proved his worth again. Those problems have also fueled continuing scholarly interest in the 1960 presidential election because of the difficulty in determining whether Kennedy really won through honest means or corrupt ones.

Scholarly analysis of the question of how Kennedy won has focused, quite rightly, on administration of the electoral process in two crucial states: Illinois and Texas. Kennedy ultimately was credited with the electoral votes of both, which gave him victory in the Electoral College tally. The problem with answering the question of how he prevailed there is twofold in nature. In Illinois, the most recent and fair-minded study (Kallina’s Kennedy v. Nixon) concludes that sufficient evidence does not exist to determine whether Chicago’s Democratic machine stole more votes there than Republicans did downstate. Texas presents a different kind of problem. A system of free and fair elections in the modern sense had not yet taken hold on the ground there in 1960. Voter fraud was fairly common, safeguards to prevent it were few, and 1960 was no different in those respects. Thus, the most dispassionate analysis of this issue from the perspective of fifty years later is that we will never know whether Kennedy really “won,” in the sense of what result an entirely honest and effective administration of the electoral process in Illinois and Texas would have produced on Election Day in 1960.

Now, we face another at-risk election. The most recent vote fraud methods include The “Motor Voter Act,” passed by a 1993 Democrat Congress and signed by Bill Clinton and which included voter registration with driver’s license renewal. No proof of citizenship is required and states like California have now legalized drivers’ licenses for illegals, facilitating non-citizen voting. In 2018, some precincts in California had 114% voter turnout, reminiscent of Philadelphia. Also, 11 California counties have more registered voters than citizens.

Judicial Watch says 11 counties in California are in violation of a section of the National Voter Registration Act that requires states to do a “reasonable list maintenance” of voter registration lists.

To support its argument, it compares population numbers in the 2011-2015 U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey to California’s registered voters — which combines those on active and inactive voter lists. By that calculation, 11 counties have more total registered voters than adults over the age of 18.

“In our experience, these kinds of registration rates indicate a failure to comply with the voter list maintenance requirements of the NVRA,” the letter says, adding that such inaccuracies undermine public confidence in the electoral process.

Naturally, the California Attorney General denied this and accused Judicial Watch of “Voter Suppression.”

Other attempts at validation of voter registration, this time in Texas, resulted in harassment and attempted prosecution of those trying to control vote fraud.

Engelbrecht said shortly after founding and leading True to Vote and King Street Patriots, she was visited by law enforcement agencies and Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.), even though outside of filing their tax returns, she and her husband never dealt with any government agency in nearly two decades of running their small business.

“We had never been audited. We had never been investigated, but all that changed upon submitting applications for the non-profit statuses of True the Vote and King Street,” she told the House Oversight and Government Reform Subcommittee.

“Since that filing in 2010, my private businesses, my nonprofit organizations, my family and I have been subjected to more than 15 instances of audit or inquiry by federal agencies,” she added.

That, of course, was when Obama was president. Elijah Cummings is the Congressman who is attempting to obtain President Trump’s and his family’s financial records for a fishing expedition.

The latest method, which is related to the increasing use of mail-in ballots, is called “ballot harvesting” or Vote Harvesting”

In Orange County alone, where every House seat went Democratic, “the number of Election Day vote-by-mail dropoffs was unprecedented — over 250,000,” Fred Whitaker, chairman of the county Republican Party, said in a note to supporters. “This is a direct result of ballot harvesting allowed under California law for the first time. That directly caused the switch from being ahead on election night to losing two weeks later.”

The voting system in California is so bad that a Democrat in California’s 21st district who was down by 6.4% on election night ended up winning three weeks later.

The Democrats don’t even hide their blatant voter fraud anymore – they just pass laws to make election fixing legal and the Republican party just sits back and allows it.

How does it work? Absentee ballots used to be available to those who would be unable to vote in person on election day. This has changed. Some states have 100% “mail-in” balloting. All votes are by mail and there is no way to verify if the voter is the one who fills out the ballot. A variation on this is for a “volunteer” to visit homes of voters and “offer to carry the ballot to the polling place.” If the “Volunteer” happens to be a Democrat activist who visits only homes with Democrat registration, 100% voter turnout for Democrats is assured. There are even a few instances where the “Volunteer” visits a home where a Democrat voter resides along with a Republican voter or two. The “Volunteer” accepts the Democrat ballot but not the others. Worse, the “Volunteer” might accept all the ballots but discard the ones from “the wrong party.”

This method relies on the “Motor Voter Law,” which registers low interest or illegal voters, then the passage of 100% “mail-in” ballot laws. The 2018 election was a test run of the method and it worked like a charm in Orange County CA and in Phoenix AZ, where late votes defeated Martha McSally in the Senate race. It will be ready for 2020 and Republicans had better be prepared.

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  1. It is 100% clear that massive voter fraud took place in California last year. And that the “popular vote” movement is an attempt to make this fraud decide future presidential elections. I don’t understand why the “ballot harvesting” nonsense isn’t clearly unconstitutional. Aren’t there court precedents to protect secret ballots from back in the days of corrupt party machines that could be applied?

    To me the left is playing with fire with their vote fraud / popular vote / screw-the-Constitution stuff. Do they expect red states to just sit idly by and give up all political power in the face of such brazen cheating? When the fraud was limited to select big cities, it could be tolerated, though even that is shameful. But when it decides everything–local, state, and national–I don’t see how that will be sustainable.

  2. Do they expect red states to just sit idly by and give up all political power in the face of such brazen cheating?

    A Republican tried it and…

    North Carolina Republican Mark Harris is embroiled in a post-election “ballot harvesting” controversy not unlike recent midterm election concerns emanating from California, where a state law legalized the collection and return of absentee ballots by third parties.

    That practice helped flip seven GOP House seats to Democrats in California, including the entirety of the traditionally conservative Orange County. Now, it is the Republican Party’s turn to grapple with the implications of potential ballot harvesting fraud.

    Harris narrowly defeated his Democratic midterm opponent, Dan McCready, for North Carolina’s U.S. House seat in District 9. According to the North Carolina State Board of Elections website, Harris holds a 905-vote lead, although the election has not been certified due to an ongoing investigation.

    “Republicans Pounce !” is the headline in these situations.

    At least 16 states either limit who can collect absentee ballots or ban the practice outright. It is illegal in North Carolina for campaign operatives or political activists to harvest votes.

    WSOC reported that State Board of Elections investigators had identified a woman named Lisa Britt as one Dowless’s harvesters.

    That’ll teach those Republicans !

  3. Election fraud is a sad problem. We know how to run valid elections — but once the Democrats have ensconced themselves in power and changed the “Law” to ensure they stay in power, how will we ever change things back to a system where most citizens are content that the election was fair? The Democrats who control the “Law” obviously have no incentive ever to do anything which might threaten their control.

    It is probable that nothing will be done until the inevitable financial crunch hits, when deficit spending runs over the cliff of reality. By analogy with what happened in the USSR when their version of today’s Democrat Party crashed the system, there will then follow a rather nasty decade or so. What emerges out of those unpleasant decades will be up to Us the People.

  4. Great Post. There is Zero interest in verifying citizenship in California. In fact, its against the state law to do so. I’ve never understood how having votes in excess of those registered isn’t automatically voter fraud. How is it Legally possible for it to be so?

    Of course, Trump TRIED in 2017, to get started on a Republican Counterattack and clean up the voter rolls, but Paul Ryan and McConnell weren’t interested. But then they were quite happy to lose in 2016. So, I hope the R’s do something, but I’m not Hopeful. I won’t be betting any Money on the R’s in 2020.

  5. A democratic form of government [small ‘r’ deliberate] is absolutely dependent on the citizens’ belief in the integrity of the voting process, honest counting and reporting of votes, and that one group of citizens does not have an illegal and unconstitutional advantage over others. Further, there has to be a belief that the entire process is conducted by and participated in by those whose loyalty is to the nation-state being voted in.

    Even now, all those conditions are questionable. We have two major political parties whose common interest is the subjugation of the American people and the destruction of the Constitution [which is what they and the people swear to as the ultimate authority]. The political Nomenklatura of both parties perjure themselves every time they swear to it.

    We have a president elected by the American people over the objections and efforts of both parties. The Democrat-Socialists are more open at their warfare with the rest of us, but the GOPe will not resist them and are studying the biography of Vidkun Quisling [minus the last chapter, which they think will never happen].

    Politics is literally about the exercise of power, historically the power of life and death. I am known to admire the thoughts of Thomas Hobbes, who with John Locke inspired our own Founding Fathers. Politics in his view is the expression of the Social Contract; what a society accepts as the rules for how things are done, power is allocated, and how it is legitimately used. Such a Contract may be tyrannical [the human norm] or free. We have had what has been the epitome of a free Social Contract. But it is being torn apart.

    The failure of a Social Contract is not remedied and a new one installed in a meeting around a conference table. Ultimately it is settled by the use of deadly force, usually en masse, and in competition with other polities who have their own motives. His concept involves life becoming “nasty, brutish, and short”. Hobbes’ book “Leviathan” was published just after the conclusion of the 30 Years War, which totally upset the political and religious structure of Europe and killed up to 12,000,000 mostly civilians. This was out of a Western European population estimated at 78,000,000, most of which were not in the theaters of war.

    If elections become expressions of the equivalent of Soviet elections; then even the pretense of legitimacy for the government disappears. Americans are a stubborn, cussed people. Life, and death, will get very kinetic very fast.

    Those in power have every incentive not to believe that reality until it is enforced.

    Sometime soon, I expect there will be a period of migration where Leftists and Conservatives will move to be surrounded by their own kind. There still will be a whole buggering great lot who will not move or recognize the need to make a choice until it is too late.

    Look at the major urban areas of “Blue States”. Almost the entirety of the Leftist movement is within the major metropolitan areas of those states. Maybe between one and two dozen cities. None of which are capable of furnishing their own food, water, power, fuel, or projecting physical power in any lasting way beyond a day’s march from their borders. At least against a militarily competent enemy. I suspect they have such an adversary, albeit unorganized. But self-organization for a common good is inherent in rural American. See DeToqueville.

    This is not going to be pretty. The sorting out of those who do not move to friendly areas is going to be horrendously bloody. And that will only be the beginning, as siege warfare becomes the norm nationwide. Not to mention the untidiness as foreign powers [including our immediate neighbors] try to take advantage of the situation.

    Be Thou then Truly Resolved . . .

    Subotai Bahadur

  6. “To me the left is playing with fire with their vote fraud / popular vote / screw-the-Constitution stuff. Do they expect red states to just sit idly by and give up all political power in the face of such brazen cheating? When the fraud was limited to select big cities, it could be tolerated, though even that is shameful. But when it decides everything–local, state, and national–I don’t see how that will be sustainable.”

    I agree with the playing with fire. A lot of the country was unhappy with the election of Obama, but lived with it, because he won by more than the margin of cheating. But what happens when the Presidency is won by less than that margin by the Democrats? For them, winning is the only thing. But for many of us, the social contract requires that the transition of power be obtained legitimately. So, winning by cheating is going to be seen by many as violative of that social contract. And that means that all bets are off. For me, that means that I am buying guns and ammo. And know people who are also burying such.

  7. “Oh, hey folks in Ohio. You just voted for Trump by 10%, but your electoral votes go to our Democrat candidate because of the National Popular Vote plan!”
    “Awesome! Yay democracy! So, how close was the election?”
    “Well, our candidate won by 2 million votes.”
    “Ah, that’s a large amount. Clearly they are the legitimate winner! By the way, how many votes did they win by in Los Angeles?”
    “5 million votes.”
    “Yikes. That’s a lot. Can we see an audit of the election results there?”
    “OK, that’s fine! We just thought it’d be good to ask. No big deal. So what are you going to do first?”
    “Well, we’re going to ban all the scary guns. Please turn them all in by next Monday.”
    “Great idea! Here you go!”

    I’d love to hear how The Resistance ™ idiots think things are going to go.

  8. With all the kerfuffle over the next census, I have yet to see anyone suggest the obvious: that the 10+ million felons within our borders and their Democratic handlers will not simply lie their asses off. Of COURSE I’m a citizen (/checks box). Why does anyone think this is going to solve anything?

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