11 thoughts on ““NO NUTS””

  1. I still remember around 50 years ago reading in Time magazine that the federal government was planning to ban the import of Harvey’s Bristol Cream for false advertising, because it contains no dairy products, but eventually decided that no one would be stupid enough to think a bottle of sherry in a wine-and-spirits store would have any cream in it. Whether the last-minute reprieve was due more to pressure from sherry drinkers, importers, and the British government, or to mockery from the general public, I do not now recall.

  2. I’ve always wondered where the heck somebody came up with that name.

    Looks like defensive advertising given the current concerns about nut allergies.

  3. Originally chock full o nuts was a New York chain of coffee shops whose signature dish was a raisin bread and cream cheese sandwich that had nuts in it. Their coffee was popular so they began selling it through supermarkets. I think the no nuts came about due to people being afraid due to allergies.

  4. GMW:
    Liqueurs can have just about anything in them for flavor. I’ve heard there’s one made with bull’s blood. Anything on the sherry shelf should be made of nothing but fermented grapes fortified with grape spirits (brandy).

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