Yeah, That’ll Work

Obama Sends Female Dems Out To Blunt Palin Impact:”

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York, Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano and Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius all were scheduled to campaign for Obama in the coming weeks. Republicans say they hope Palin, who made her national debut with a feisty speech on Wednesday, could put some female voters in play.

Send a bunch of establishment-Left hacks out to defend your sputtering campaign against, for once, a Republican candidate who isn’t tongue-tied or too timid to point out your many serious weaknesses as a candidate. Because never mind sound arguments, female swing-voters will surely buy into your lame socialist agenda if other women pitch it to them. Right?

7 thoughts on “Yeah, That’ll Work”

  1. McCain is still inside their OODA loop. They not only don’t know WHAT hit them, they don’t know WHERE it hit them. These ladies will appeal to voters who are already Democrats and will vote for Obama anyway. Palin is not aimed at “Hillary voters” at all, but at mobilizing the base and reaching uncommitted voters in swing states. So the Donks are defending where the enemy isn’t.

    I hope it keeps up like this.

    The GOP still has a steep hill to climb, but victory is now at least potentially possible.

  2. If Obama were smart he would send Evan Bayh and other ideologically moderate, non shrill, Midwestern or Western, traditional-values Dems out to campaign for him instead of these harpies.

  3. McCain got inside Obama’s OODA loop in 3 ways:

    1) “Palin is not aimed at “Hillary voters” at all, but at mobilizing the base and reaching uncommitted voters in swing states.” By picking a woman who isn’t actually there to grab Hillary voters, he’s caused the Obama campaign to overreact and shore up areas that don’t need shoring up.

    2) If a McCain/anotherwhiteguy ticket had attacked Obama’s inexperience, it would’ve been seen as desperate and decried as racist. But Obama and his media admirers have started attacking Palin’s supposed inexperience, which opens up their guy to the same questions. And Palin stands up better to scrutiny on that front!

    3) Obama stepped off the “change” bus when he picked up Biden, and he left the keys in it. McCain and Palin drove off with it. The R ticket stole the D ticket’s campaign theme, and they do it better! All of a sudden, Obama’s main line of attack is useless.

    It’s still an uphill climb, but they’ve made a good start at it. McCain/Palin have all the momentum, candidates better suited for debates, and the chatter is all happening around their strengths and Obama’s weaknesses. It’s gonna be a lot closer of an election than I expected, and if Obama’s empty-suit-ness shows through enough, we just might get ourselves competent national leaders.

  4. Palin is not aimed at “Hillary voters” at all, but at mobilizing the base and reaching uncommitted voters in swing states.

    Man. A one single sentence giveaway to Team O! and friends who still don’t get it.

    It’s apparently not nuanced enough. Or maybe hiding in plain sight.

  5. This comes from the Democrat’s assumptions that all of us think like they do: deeply buying the identity politics Shannon described, believing that most women define their primary cause as abortion on demand. So, their talking points are she was chosen reactively rather than proactively (their myopia always keeps the Clintons in the center of their vision).

  6. Now that’s what I call the most brilliant move yet by Obama. Send a bunch of battleaxes who look like they play hockey out to attack the hockey mom. Aint it wonderful what a good Ivy League edumacation can do?

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