More De-Statuing

Last night in the fair city of Madison, Wisconsin, the idiot brigade smashed more glass and took down statues around the capitol square. The victims last night were Lady Forward and Hans Christian Heg. Poor Hans – they even beheaded him and tossed him into Lake Monona.

While I can almost (not really), if I put myself into the demented head of a protester vandal see how Lady Forward might be tear down worthy, Hans Christian Heg was the very definition of abolitionist. He abhorred slavery, was actually an anti-slavery activist, and died in a war to end slavery.

So, who’s next? I’m guessing eventually this will spill onto private property and Jesus and others will begin to feel the wrath of the idiot brigade.

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  1. I’m sure you know by now that this has little or nothing to do with slavery or history. The people running this are anarchists and leftists who are trying to start a revolution. Lots of these rioters are white radicals. Some are crazy. There was an incident in DC yesterday when Andrea Mitchell, the MSNBC type, was walking with Norton the DC Congress woman, who can’t park her car. A crazy looking guy with long blond hair and wearing a Bikini bottom and a little top went running toward her and tried to grab her. She, wisely, had two big black body guards and one grabbed this crazy and took him away.

    I assumed the guy would be arrested but no he was at the rally by the White House last night. I was watching Hannity and there he was standing with the crown with his pink megaphone hanging from his shoulder.

    You can see a video of the incident here.

  2. This is the inevitable conclusion of the Leftist lunatic agenda. Lady Forward used to serve as a neutral space for protests having to do with one grievance or another, in order to petition the objective public domain. Now intersectionality says there can’t be an objective neutral ground because organized society itself is evil. Reminders of the past or any representations of civilization have to be destroyed because they serve as conduits for oppression. Everyone who has lived in the past or has somehow participated in society is in some degree an oppressor. Since that includes pretty much everyone, they’ll be coming for all of us soon enough.

  3. Wouldn’t their time be better spent going from garage to garage eliminating garage door pull down cords?

  4. It’s not about racism. It never was. It is about having a cudgel to beat opponents — us, me, law abiding normal people — over the head with. They even defaced the 54th Massachusetts (“Glory”) — you know, the black regiment — monument in Boston!

    And *ALL* because liberals couldn’t accept that they fairly lost an election HEAVILY fixed in their favor.

    It’s all about November: This s**t will cease the moment Trump leaves office. Watch the inferno if actually wins a second term …

  5. “This s**t will cease the moment Trump leaves office.”

    No, it won’t. When he leaves office, most of the constraints will be off and the useful idiots will shift into hyper drive. Coming to more places near all of us. Pass the ammo.


  6. The savages destroyed the statues and broke glass because the capital in Madison is — was — extraordinarily beautiful. The Capital, the building, the grounds, the statuary, all of it as a totality, was order, democracy, law, civilization, and beauty, embodied. To the savages, this is all an affront, because they know themselves to stupid, incompetent and unable to even aspire to what the Wisconsin Capital represented and embodied. So they prefer wreckage and spray paint, because their pride cannot stand the sight of a superior civilization which they know they will never be worthy of. They justify this self-hatred, and hatred of what they can never make on their own, or ever have, with the stupid lie that every achievement of our civilization is really “racism.” They will destroy every vestige of the older, better America, until they are stopped by overpowering force.

  7. to get Trump reelected:
    It flashes through my mind too. Are we sure Trump isn’t paying these thugs and vandals?

  8. I’m sure Trump isn’t paying them.

    Very much not his MO.

    Plus, after watching the Tulsa rally, I found him a bit subdued and unenthusiastic.

    Either he is saddened by recent events, or he doesn’t actually want to win. And where that last hypothesis of mine is concerned, I spent half of 2016 deranged, promoting the theory that he wasn’t seriously trying to win, and so depressed that Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans was pleasantly light.

  9. It flashes through my mind too. Are we sure Trump isn’t paying these thugs and vandals?

    I’ve suspected for a while that U Haul is behind this. After all, Cui Bono?

  10. And the marching morons of Antifa and BLM want to tear down the Lincoln statue in Washington DC – a statue which was put up through funds raised among freed slaves after the Civil War, in order to honor Lincoln and express their gratitude.
    Well, can’t have that, can we?

  11. So now in a bold, undoubtedly well conceived plan, the Fed’s have activated 400 D. C. guardsmen to augment the park police to “protect” Federal statues and monuments in D. C. They will be held in the armory and dispatched as needed for “presence.” They will be unarmed.

    Sure this going to work. I’d volunteer for that mission. We have lost perspective. Perhaps flowers will work. LOL


  12. Destroying a memorial to an abolitionist makes it easier to later lie and claim that there were NO Whites opposed to slavery. Destroying any evidence of actual history makes it easier to substitute a false narrative later.

  13. A good point, Mike. Is the endgame for BLM entirely “disappearing” any involvement by whites generally in the abolition and civil rights movement? “Those crackers didn’t free no slaves, we all jus’ freed ourselves!” Makes it easier to cut a swath through American history and regular communities, without discriminating, I guess.

  14. I keep hearing reports that there are threats on Mt. Rushmore, Stone Mountain, and/or the Statue of Liberty for July 4. Don’t know if they are true.

    Be Thou then Truly resolved.
    Duty is as Heavy as a mountain,
    And Death is as Light as a feather.

    They do seem to want the Second Civil War to go hot. If something like that happens, I suspect that they will get their wish.

    Subotai Bahadur

  15. Mike-SMO, I don’t think evidence matters at all in this. People blur out inconvenient questions all the time–there’s no need to think. A statue is just a pigeon-thing in the park, a rendezvous landmark to scribble on.

    If people persist in asking questions, all you need to do is change the narrative–“That’s Benedict Arnold, the great People’s Hero.”

  16. I doubt the motivation is to erase white abolitionists from history. I just think they are stupid enough to believe that all white people owned slaves, and therefore any statue of an old white guy must be a statue of a slave owner.

  17. They don’t believe that all white people owned slaves. And it wouldn’t matter if our great-great grandparents *had*. What matters is that we (?) are white, and by that fact alone, are therefore racist. It will, eventually, to a large degree, become a self-fulfilling prophecy, as those who previously had not a racist bone in their body, become sick of the hectoring, and the harassment, and the violence, and all the other anti-social behavior, and react accordingly.

  18. Exactly this, Kingsnake. Those who are white and previously indifferent to race … are taking note and reacting accordingly.
    So far, in my neighborhood and in real-life, we’re OK … but racist idiots like that abysmally ignorant and racist woman who helms the 1619 project for the Times-Stürmer will definitely tip things over the edge.

  19. Dan, they are more dupes than “idiots”, as orchestrators are using them for their strategic goals.

    “At root, this is not about racial injustice, really. That issue is merely a wedge. Or better, an opiate being given to the masses to cloud their faculties and dull the pain of the radical surgery that these radicals have planned for them. ”

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